They Shall Call His Name Emmanuel

13 December 09


  1. Introduction:

·      Matt 1:18-25

“…and they shall call His name Emmanuel” translated ‘God with us’

·      Joseph receives revelation from the angel about the coming of Jesus Christ

·      Names in the Bible represents = Identity, character or the destiny of a person

·      Ames were often Prophetic of the persons character and destiny

Judg 11:1  Jephtae – He will open, he will breakthrough = broke out, oppress enemy

1King 13:2  Josiah – God is the foundation = Re-laid the spiritual foundation of nation

Matt 1:21  Jesus – ‘Saviour’ = He will save His people from their sin

Matt 1:23  Emmanuel – God with us = Manifest presence and kingdom of God


  1. Gods Design – Man in His Image:

·       Gods original design was a man who would manifest the Kingdom of God

·      Gods original design and purpose has never changed

·       Gods design is to manifest His presence and glory through the earth Num 14:21


a)  Garden of Eden – Adam

Gen 1:26-27  “Let us make man in our image and likeness, let them have dominion”

·         Man was designed in the image of God, a spirit being

·         Man is able to live in two realms, the natural and the spiritual

·         Man was filled with the glory, the power of God, designed to reveal the presence of God

·         Man is in relationship with God. God with us in the earth


b)  Moses Tabernacle

Exod 25:8  “Let them make a sanctuary that I may dwell among them”

·         Gods desire and design is unchanged , He wanted to dwell among men

·         v22 “I will meet with you, I will speak with you”

·         Emmanuel = God with us, meeting, speaking, manifesting life

·         When the Tabernacle was completed, God filled it with His glory Exod 40:34-35

·         The Presence of God was with Israel, that made them different

·         Exod 33:15-16  “How shall it be known that your people and I have found grace in your sight, except you presence go with us!”


c)  Solomon’s Temple

2 Chron 7:1-3  “…the Glory of the Lord filed the Lords house”

·         Gods desire and design unchanged, wanted to dwell among men

·         Emmanuel God with us meeting, speaking, manifesting supernatural life

·         When the temple was completed God filled it with Hid glory


d)  Jesus

Matt 1:23  “…they shall call His name Emmanuel”

·         Jesus was the expressive image of God Heb 1:3

·         Jesus lived in two realms at the same time, the natural and the spiritual

·         Jesus carried the fullness of the presence of God



Luke 7:16  “God has visited His people”

·         The people recognized that God was among them, God manifested not just in the building but in the flesh also. The Devine clothed with humanity

·         Jesus is God manifested – Emmanuel, God with us!

·         When you have Jesus, you are connected, your spirit to the spirit of God

·         Gods plan is to have many sons in the image of Jesus Rom 8:29

·         Gods design is unchanged, He still wants to dwell among us


3.      God is With Us:

a)       You are the Temple of God

1 Cor 6:17-20Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”

·         God wants to dwell within us and manifest His life and Kingdom

·         God wants to manifest His life through us

Ø  Individually – 1 Cor12:7 – By manifesting of His power e.g. Joseph

Gen 39:3-4

Ø  Corporately – Eph 3:20-22 – By flowing together in love and unity

·         When God is with us Gen 39:3-4

Ø  His presence is tangible

Ø  What we do prospers

Ø  Favour comes on us


b)       People are often not conscious of God

People are conscious of other things e.g.

·         Loneliness

·         Guilt

·         Low esteem

·         Shame

·         What we are conscious of flows out of our life and manifest on the earth

·         What you set your mind on, you become conscious of  Rom 8:5

·         You must set your mind on the Spirit to become conscious of and manifest the presence of God


c)       How to Increase the awareness of ‘God with Us’

i)     Repentance – turning from sin  2 Cor 6:7; 2 Cor 7:1

ii)  Worship – consciously surrender and pursuit God  Col 3:1-3

iii)  Meditate – constantly fill your mind and focus on spiritual realities

                           ‘God is with me’, ‘God is in me’

iv) Speak – Consistently declare the truth over your life “God is with me!”