‘Prayer and Fasting to Unlock the Supernatural’

18 January 2008


1.      Introduction:

·   Numbers 10:5  -  “When you ‘sound the advance’ the camps that are on the eastside shall begin their journey”.

·   The Trumpet = The Prophetic Voice, the Holy Spirit speaking direction to the church.

·   Israel was continually led by the Holy Spirit to advance to their inheritance.

·   “Advance”  = no passivity, no going back, no settling down, no standing still.

·   You cannot see the Kingdom of God advance if you are passive.

·   Advancing the Kingdom = Passion; militant to advance.

·   2 Kings 9:1-3  -  “I have anointed you King”.

-    Jehu was anointed for war – to overcome the enemies of God and advance the Kingdom.

-    Jesus was anointed for war – to destroy the works of the devil – 1 John 3:8

-    The Holy Spirit is calling the Church to arise as kings and advance the Kingdom of God.


2.      Our Conflict is Spiritual in Nature:

·   Ephesians 6:2  -  “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers …”

·   Our conflict is not primarily with people, but with spiritual powers that control them.

·   Our warfare is against anything that stands in opposition to:

(1)   Our personal relationship with the Lord.

(2)   Our obedience to the will of God.

(3)   The works of the devil in our ‘metron’  - area of responsibility.

·   We are authorized to launch attacks on hostile spiritual powers – Luke 10:19

·   We have the right to rule over demonic influences.

·   2 Kings 6:15-17  -  “Lord, upon his eyes that he might see”.

-    we need to see the spiritual nature of the conflict and enter it from a position of victory.

-    Demonic forces are empowering the Syrian army … ‘with them’.

-    Angels are surrounding Elisha … ‘with us’.

-    When Elisha prayed the servants eyes were opened = Release Spiritual Vision

-    It is time for increase of spiritual vision, dreams, prophetic discernment.

-    It is time for the release of the angelic activity, increase of the supernatural.


3.      Fervent Believing Prayer Releases Angels:

a)     Daniel – 21 days Prayer and Fasting = Revelation:

·   Daniel 10:2-9  -  Daniel had an angelic encounter.

·   Action by David on earth triggered angelic activity and spiritual conflict.

·   21 days of spiritual warfare! Daniel persisted until breakthrough came.

·   He was convinced by the word of Jeremiah of God’s desire to release Israel.

·   Verse 12-13  -  “From the 1st day … your words were heard. I have come because of your words”.

·   Note: Psalm 103:20-21  -  “Bless the Lord, you angels of Him who excel in strength, who do His word, hearkening to the voice of His word”.

·   Daniel gave voice to the Word of God = angels were released.

b)     Jesus – 40 days Prayer and Fasting = Power:

·   Mark 1:12-13  -  Angels ministered to him.

·   Ministered = to attend to as servants, or as a friend.

·   Angels are ministering spirits; they are powerful agents of God in the heavens and earth.

·   Hebrew 1:14  -  Angels are sent forth to minister for those who shall be hairs of salvation.

·   For = 1223 =  Greek for ‘Dia” = word denoting the channel or cause of an action.

·   Luke 4:14  -  Jesus returned in Power.


c)     Peter – Fervent Prayer = Open Door:

·   Acts 12:5  -  Constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church.

·   Constant = 1619 = fervent, passionate, intent, stretched out.

·   As a result of prayer there was an angelic intervention on Peter’s behalf.

·   Chains of restriction were broken = bondage broken.

·   Prison doors of limitation were opened = door of opportunity open.

·   Peter had to cooperate – to Arise and to be led forth.


4.      Expect Supernatural Breakthrough:

·   Numbers 10:9  -  “… you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord your God and you will be saved from your enemies”.

·   Alarm = 7321 = to shout out triumph over your enemies, shout in applause to the Lord.

·   Saved = 3467 = to be delivered in the battle, be given the victory i.e. God supernaturally intervened to overcome spiritual powers and ensure victory.

·   How?  Angels were released to act on behalf of God’s people.

·   Example1:  Joshua

Joshua 6:20  -  “The people shouted when the priests blew the trumpets … the wall went down”

Angelic activity took place as a result of the trumpet and the shout.

·   Example2:  Gideon

·   Judges 7:19-23  -  “When the 300 blew the trumpets the Lord set every mans sword against his companion throughout the whole camp”.

   Angelic activity took place as a result of the trumpet and the shout.

·   Example 3:  Dead Sea Scrolls

·   Dead Sea Scrolls = 900 parchments discovered in 11 caves from 1947 – 1957.

·   War Scroll      = manual for military organization and strategy.

            = the war of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness.

            = Protocols of War against spiritual powers.


(1)   Aerial Assault was used to begin the Campaign – hurling javelin/spears and arrows

-    Battle formations drawn up

-    Towers and Gates of War prepared

-    Names of Angels on shields of Towers: Michael and Gabriel on Right and Sariel and Raphael on the left.

-    Trumpet of Summons to Advance – “reminder of Vengeance in God’s appointed time”.

-    Gates of war were opened

-    7 waves of javelins and arrows hurled – “shining Javelins of the Power of God”.


(2)   Hand to hand combat with Shield and Sword

-    Trumpet of Alarm begin to sound

a)      Trumpets of Ambush – “the mysteries of God shall undo wickedness”

b)     Trumpets of Massacre – “ The mighty hand of God in war shall cause all the Ungodly slain to fall”

c)     Trumpets of Pursuit – “God has smitten the sons of darkness; His fury shall not end until they are utterly consumed”.


(3)   Trumpet of Retreat = come back from battle to battle formation – “God has reassembled”.


(4)   Trumpet of Return = come back from battle to Jerusalem with spoils – “rejoicing of God in peaceful Return”


5.      Arise into this Season of Prayer and FastingJames 5:16

i)  Fast – define what kind, how long, for what purpose.

ii) Prayer – strengthen times of prayer:  Praise, Tongues, Decrees