Practicing the Presence of God

31 May 2009


  1. Introduction:

·   Exodus 33:16 

·   Key distinguishing characteristic as God’s people – Manifest presence of God.

·   Many people live a good life – our distinctive = the abiding manifest presence of God.

·   Jesus was constantly aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the Father. He knew he was never alone John 16:32

·   We must learn how to become conscious, aware of God’s presence. We must cultivate fellowship with God.


  1. Faith connects you to the Spirit Realm of God:

a)     Woman with the issue of blood:


b)  Man with demonic son:


c)  Walking in the presence of God requires faith – must believe in the heart:

·         2 Corinthians 5:7  - “we walk by faith not by sight”

Ø  “Sight” – refers to the natural realm of the mind, what you see.

Ø  “Faith” – refers to the spirit realm, faith in the heart, see what God says.

Ø  People interpret to walk by faith and not by feelings, they ignore the feeling dimension.

Ø  The Western mindset/Greek philosophers – thing thoughts.

Ø  Hebrew/Bible culture – feels thoughts, experience what you are thinking in your heart.

Ø  We must learn to open the inner man and connect our thoughts and feelings.

Ø  We can experience and feel the tangible presence of God.

Ø  Exercise senses to develop spiritual awareness and feelings.

Ø  People learn to shut down feelings. They block their feelings and select where to open their feelings.


3. Imagination Connects you to the Realm of the Spirit

            a)  Your imagination is your ‘seeing gift’ from God:

·         Imagination = mental picture to see within the spirit of your mind, realm of seeing, virtual world.

·         Imaginations talk to you and connect you to the spirit realm.

·         Imagination = picture situations not yet happened, picture conversations not yet had.

·         All creativity comes from the spirit into imagination.

·         Imagination can bring all sorts of possibilities.



b)  Vain Imaginations connect you to Demonic Spirits:

·         Exodus 20:4  -  “not make idol = ‘connect image’ – not worship” (yield to)

·         Behind the idol/carved image is a demonic spirit.

·         Ezekiel 8:12  -  the chambers of imagination,

Ø  Chambers = an apartment or inner room or concealed private room.

Ø  Imaginary = imagination.

·         Examples:

1. Conversations imagined

2. Fear – picture in mind = feelings = spirit of fear

3. Pornography – picture in mind = feelings = spirit perverse

4. Video games/sorcery – picture in mind = feelings = spirit of sorcery

·         Matthew 5:28  -  Heart Adultery

·         Example:  Students bound to spirit of sorcery playing games.

·         Imagination connects you to the spirit realm.


c)  Meditation on Truth of God’s Word – Connect to God:

·         Imagination engages the feelings and spirit world behind the thought.

·         Meditate – to picture thoughts, to engage imagination to picture thoughts, feel thoughts.

·         Psalm 77:6  -  “I meditate within my heart, my spirit makes diligent search”

·         Connection between meditation and activity of the spirit man to reach out to God.

·         Use imagination to see and feel thoughts:

·         E.g.

Love of God                         Joy of the Lord                     Compassion of God

Peace of God          Glory of God                                    Forgiveness

Presence of God


4. Simple Keys to Practicing the Presence of God:

         1) Free up your spirit – pray in tongues, energise your spirit man.

          2) Faith – expectation of experience to meet God, encounter God, draw near to Him.

          3) Focus thoughts – consciously direct your thoughts and mind towards the truth – picture it

              clearly in your imagination.

4) Feel thoughts – use imaginations to engage the truth.

5) Frequent repetition until your established a pathway to encountering God.

    - Alone each day with God

    - Praise pause throughout the day