‘Positioning and Presence’

3 May 09


  1. Introduction:

Genesis 2:15  -  “The Lord took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to dress and keep it”.

·   God measured out a ‘metron’, a sphere of influence, a garden to guard and cultivate.

·   Your ‘metron’ includes everything over which God wants you to take responsibility.

·   Every person has their own unique metron and you are responsible to God for that area/garden.

·   To govern your metron you must be present and engaged not absent and disconnected.

·   Your metron must know you are there => (1) Spiritually and Relationally present, spiritual watchman       (2) Practical Activity, cultivate it.

·   ‘Engaged’ = to occupy your thoughts and attitude, be involved, enter a conflict with a determined purpose.


  1. The Functions of Your Spirit:

Proverbs 4:24  -  “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life”.

·   Your heart => your inner man i.e. your spirit and soul.

·   You are designed by God to release spiritual energy and life or ‘presence’.

·   When some people enter a room others can sense their presence and respond.

·   They are feeling or sensing the spiritual energy or life of that person.


Functions of Your Spirit:

(1) Gives Your Body Life and Energy:

·         James 2:26 – “The body without the spirit is dead”.

·         Your spirit gives life and energy and vitality to your body.

·         The spirit of the believer is joined with the Holy Spirit.

·         The Holy Spirit can energize our Spirit man and the soul and body become full of life.


(2) Quicken Your Thoughts – Help you think and make decisions:

·         1 Corinthians 2:11 – “What man knows the things of man serve the spirit of man which is in him?”

·         When the energy and the life of your spirit flow it enables you to think clearly.

·         If the spiritual flow within a person is weak, the person is unable to think clearly, indecisive.

·         The Holy Spirit within you also quickens you thoughts when you yield to Him.

·         1 John 2:27 – “The anointing which you have received from Him abides … the same anointing teaches you concerning all things”.


(3) Enables Life and Personal Authority to flow out with your words:

·         John 6:63 – “The words that I speak to you are spirit, they are life”.

·         Your spirit enables life and energy to flow out with your words.

·         Words are not just sound waves travelling from your mouth to others ears.

·         Your words carry spiritual substance which gives people authority as you speak.

·         The greater your personal authority the greater the ‘weight’ of your words.


(4) Releases a ‘Presence’ or ‘Charisma’ that flows from within and impacts others:

·         John 7:38 – “He who believes in Me … out of His heart shall flow rivers of living waters”.

·         The invisible part of man is as real as the physical body.

·         Your spirit flows from within you and influences people – they ‘feel’ your presence.

·         The presence of a person is felt, and triggers off thoughts in the minds of others.

·         The thoughts that become stimulated within you are influenced by the presence of people you are in contact with especially people who carry authority.

·         The Holy Spirit within us not only stirs our thoughts but also the thoughts of others around us.


3.  How to Activate the Flow of Your Spirit:

1 Timothy 1:6 – “Therefore, I remind you to stir up the gifts of God which is in you …”

·   The life of your spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit of God can be activated or stirred up.

·   What kind of energy and presence do you bring?

(1)  Energise Your Spirit - Keys:

·         Strong praying in tongues – 1 Corinthians 14:4

·         Meditate in the Word of God – Jeremiah 15:16

·         Focus on the indwelling Presence of God – Acts 3:19


(2)  Focus Your Soul:

·         Your soul is the gate through which your spirit can flow e.g. mind and emotions.

·         When your soul is focused in agreement with your spirit, life flows from within.

·         When you soul is strong (prospers) there is a strong flow of spirit life.

·         People call this ‘Charisma’ – a felt presence.

·         Keys:

a) Purpose and Direction:

·   Your soul is pointed in a certain direction

·   Your purpose and direction is sensed by others

·   Without strong sense of purpose – people do not challenge those around or influence them

·   A focused life releases energy that impacts others.


b) Accepting Personal Responsibility:

·   When you accept and embrace responsibility people sense it and tend to yield

·   When you accept and embrace responsibility you become aware of a bigger picture

·   When you accept and embrace responsibility you character begins to develop and grow


c) Determination:

·   Determination = to be strong or firm in your purpose, nor easily moved

·   Maintaining purpose and responsibility requires determination

·   It is much easier to shrink back, lose focus without determination






4.  How Spirit Flow is Quenched:

1 Timothy 1:6 – “Stir up the gift of God … for God has not given you a spirit of fear ...”

·         The life of your spirit flows through the gate of your soul.

·         When your soul is clouded or chocked the spirit flow diminishes.

·         Consequences: 

(1)   Little or no spirit flow

(2)   Little or no “presence”

(3)   Become passive and shut down

(4)   Become affected by thoughts and others

(5)   ‘Came under’ the spiritual influence

·         What causes this?

Ø  Fear, disappointment, doubt, rejection, pain, self-pity, lack of ownership, lack of purpose, laziness


  1. How to make Presence felt in Your Metron:

·         Example:  Acts 3:1-6  -  Peter

i) Internal Positioning:                                        ii) External Behaviour:

1) Assume responsibility                                     1) Stand up

2) Heart Embrace People                                 2) Engage with eyes

3) Clear sense of purpose                                 3) Listen from the heart – engage

4) Expect God to work                                      4) Speak words, direct, confident, warm

5) Be aware of inner thoughts                          5) Do acts of kindness