‘You Mighty Man of Valour’

1 February 2009


1.      Introduction:

·   Judges 6:11-13  -  “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour”.

·   God sees our potential – you are not a failure or a mistake.

·   God sees us not from where we were, where we are, but where we could be.

·   God sees us through the destiny He planned for us: Mighty Man of Valour.

·   He calls you just like He sees you, stand up and be who He calls you to be.


2.      The Background:

·   Old Testament – people fought natural battles against natural enemies with angelic help.

·   New Testament – spiritual battles – not against people, but wicked spirits – Ephesians 6:12

·   Our battle is for the souls of men, freedom, promises of God, salvation.

·   Midian = 4080 = strife, quarrel, contention.

                = to contend for superiority, contend for dominion over.

·   Midianites were slave traders – Genesis 37:28 – sold Joseph to Egypt.

·   Midianites were idolaters full of sexual immorality – Numbers 25:6-15

·   Numbers 25:15 = Cozbi = to be deceptive, to lie – sexual sin is deceptive.

                              = Hur = the place the serpent dwells.

·   Midian = spirit of pride – Proverbs 28:25  - proud heart stirs up strife.

·   Pride = brings people into bondage, sexual sin, idolatry.

·   Note the consequence:

1)      People hid in caves – v2                - loss of esteem, insecure, fearful, control

2)      Enemy encamp against – v4         - oppression, depression, passivity

3)      Greatly impoverished – v6             - made weak, afflicted, no strength to stand up

(2 Princes of Midianites:  Oreb = 6180 = raven;  Zeeb = 2061 = wolf)

·   God is raising Mighty men of Valour for such a time as this!


3.      Four Keys to Change:

a)     Develop Intimacy with the Holy Spirit:

·         Judges 6:12,16  - “ The Lord is with you”, “Surely I will be with you”.

·         The presence of God sets us apart and makes us different.

·         We need t honor and value the Holy Spirit and treasure His presence.

·         John 14:16-17  -  “He dwells with you and shall be in you”.

·         You are not alone – the Spirit of God dwells within you, the same Spirit that dwelled in Jesus.

·         To be effective and have impact you need the power of the Holy Spirit.

·         He reveals Jesus; He brings truth to us; He empowers us


b)     Embrace Your Identity in Christ:

·         Judges 6:12  -  “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valour”.

·         Who are you? You are who God says you are.

·         What voice are you agreeing with? The voice of your past? Your failures? Your background? Injustice?

·         2 Corinthians 5:17  -  “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creator”.

You are a Christian – a mighty man of valour destined for the works of God.

·         Mighty man = 1368 = powerful warrior, champion of God, one who is bold.

·         Valour = 2428 = strength, ability.

·         Why call Gideon this? He was hiding? He was afraid?

God sees our destiny – what he designed us to be – Mighty Men.

God has made us for dominion.


c)     Stop Limiting God – Change your thinking:

·         Judges 6:15  -  “I am the least”.

·         Excuses: Stop belittling yourself, change and expand your thinking.

      1) Manasseh – ½ tribe       2)  Clan = weakest     3) Age = youngest in family

·         Proverbs 27:6  -  “As a man thinks in his heart so is he’.

·         Ephesians 3:20 -  God is able to do more than ask or think.

·         Moses tried to limit God – Exodus 3:10-11

Woman with the jar of oil limit self – 2 Kings 4:2

·         Make yourself available to God, e.g. Boy: only a few fishes but here they are.

·         2 Kings – start to dream of what you could be.


d)     Embrace Your Assignment:

·         Judges 6:14  -   ‘Go! … have I not sent you?”

·         Sent = 7971 = to send someone as a messenger to a place.

·         Sent = Apostello = to commission someone for a military purpose.

·         You are sent by God into the community as an ambassador.

·         You must discover and embrace your assignment to find fulfillment.

·         Matthew 28:18-20  -  Go – Make disciples – I am with you.

·         Present yourself to the Lord – make yourself available = Mission from God.

·         Arise in Prayer – strong fervent prayer.

·         Declare your dominion – over ruling spirits.

·         Prophecy into the situation.

·         Look for another to stand in agreement – ‘2 or more’.

·         Reach out with expectation for a response.

·         Persevere – this is a conflict.


Arise in prayer – whatever you do and where you are is your responsibility to have dominion and clean the devils out!