Extravagant Love – Part 3

Keep Yourself in the Love of God

26 July 2009


  1. Introduction:

·   1 John 4:16  -  Love is the Nature of God. Love fills the atmosphere of heaven

·   The Love of God is constant and unchanging- it is His nature, who He is

·   The Love of God is tangible – it can be experienced, it can be felt as spiritual reality

·   The Love of God is practical – it can be experienced through acts of loving kindness John 3:16

·   Our love for God is a response to first being loved by Him  1 John 4:19

·   Ephesians 3:16-19 -  God desires us to be rooted and grounded in the love He has for us.

Ø  Rooted = 4492 = to become stable, strengthened with an extensive unseen root system

Ø  Grounded = 2311 = to lay a foundation or lay a basis for a lifestyle

Ø  The Love of God for us stabilises and strengthens us to serve God, act as ambassadors  2 Corinthians 5:14

·   Jude 20  -  “Keep yourself in the Love of God”, look for the mercy of the Lord Jesus

Ø  keep = 5083 = to guard from loss or theft by keeping the eye upon e.g. focus

      It’s something you and I have to do, our responsibility

Ø  3 Questions:

i)        How can I experience the love of God?

ii)       What must I guard against? What can take it away?

iii)     How do I keep myself in the love of God?


  1. How can I Experience the Love of God?  Can I Experience the Love of God?

·   John 17:20-26  -  Jesus prayer for believers – experience the love of God.

·   vs 23  -  “…world may know that you have sent me and have loved them as you have loved me …”

·   vs 26  -  “… that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them …”

·   Jesus prayer:

i)        Followers/Believers imitate the love of the Father and to experience it.

ii)       Followers/Believers express that love in ways that are evident to the world.


·   How do Believers experience the love of God that invites and reveals Christ?

i)        Personal Relationship by Faith in Jesus Christ:

·   John 17:26  -  “I have declared your name…”  = to make known who Christ is like. Jesus revealed what God is like.

·   How?

I)        The Works of God – creation, miracles

II)       The Life of Jesus – words, relationships, sacrifice

III)     The Body of Christ – receiving the kindness and encouraging words

·   Develop an ongoing relationship with Christ and the Father. Open yourself to Him, get access to what He has to offer





ii)       Prayer and Openness to the Holy Spirit:

·   John 17:22-23  -  “the glory which you (Father) gave me, I have given them” = unity and love for people to see.

·   Jesus has given to believers the glory which the Father gave Him.

·   When did the Father give Him glory? What did He experience?

·   2 Peter 1:16-18  -  “… he received honor and glory when such a voice came to him…’

·   Matthew 17:1-5  -  “… a voice came out of the cloud saying: This is my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased. Hear Him!”

·   Luke 9:28  -  As Jesus prayed the glory within Him was manifested

·   Also the glory upon Him was manifested, radiant life and power

·   Bright =  to be composed of light, to shine forth rays of light

·   There was a visible and audible manifestation of the glory of God

·   Note the words:

I)        Identity – Who I am

II)       Love – Whose I am

III)     Affirmation – How valuable I am

·    Prayer opened the way to experience the glory of God.

·   The work of the Holy Spirit is to reveal the glory of God to us so that we are filled with God

·   Learn to grow and pray to encounter God, have revelation who you are, unique, one and only. There are no limits unless you decide there are limits


  1. What must I guard against? What will take the Love of God away?:

·   Jude v20  -  “Keep yourself in the love of God”  -  make it a focus of your life.

·   We have a personal enemy who seeks to steal God’s abundant love for us.

·   How?

Ø  Spiritual pressure on the mind, emotion, spirit

Ø  Constant feelings  - “Not good enough”

-    “Loneliness and isolation”

-    Awareness of personal lacks, short comings

Ø  Constant nagging accusations in the mind

Ø  Constant distractions – cares of life e.g. Martha Luke 10:40

Ø  Temptations to find substitutes for God

Ø  Stirring up wrong beliefs – acceptance based on performance

·   Evil spirits keep up relentless pressure to distract and sabotage our life.

·   Must choose to keep self in the Love of God.

·   No one can do this for you, it’s a daily personal choice!


4.  How do I keep myself in the Love of God?

Jude v20  -  “Keep yourself in the love of God”

What are the keys that enable me to be conscious of the Love of God?


i)        Constantly expect mercy from God:

·   ‘Looking for’ = 4327 = to receive for one self, receive into companionship

·   ’Mercy’ = 1656 = kindness, goodwill, deserve to come alongside and help

·   Keep short accounts with God – expect to receive forgiveness and mercy Hebrews 4:15



ii)       Meditate on the Love of God:

·   Use your spiritual imagination to picture the truth of His love

·   Use your imagination “to feel” your thoughts

·   Constant repetition with expecting establishes a path in mind


iii)     Manage your thoughts and Emotions:

·   Guard your thought life – what are you focusing on, you open yourself to

·   Identify emotions and challenge the thoughts that stir

·   Choose to believe and embrace and speak what the Word of God says


iv)    Open self to Receive Love from People:

·   God reveals His love through acts of kindness and words and presence of people

·   Don’t be limited at how God can touch you

·   Allow God to love you through His people – connect – receive!

·   Receive but don’t depend


v)     Practice Loving People:

·   John 14:21;  John 15:10-12;  1 John 4:12,16

·   It is easier to love God whom we don’t see than love people who we do see

·   People have a way of uncovering our immaturity and lack of love

·   Loving people defines that we are the children of God and challenges us to depend on Him