Identifying Your ‘Metron’

19 April 2009


  1. Introduction – An Apostolic Generation:

·   Luke 10:1  -  “After these things the Lord appointed 70 others also and sent them two by two before His place into every city and place where He himself was about to go”.

·   The Church world wide is experiencing Apostolic Reformation.

·   Reformation = 1357 = to set right, to restore to proper condition so it can function.

·   Apostolic = 562 = to sent out on a mission; to send us an ambassador, to send out on a military assignment to advance the Kingdom of God.

·   Example of Paul:

Ø  Romans 1:1 -  Paul, a bond servant of Jesus Christ is called to be an apostle, separated to the Gospel.

Ø  Called = 2822 = to extend a personal invitation to fulfill a position, office or role.

Ø  Separated = 837 = to appoint, mark out a boundary, set apart for a unique purpose.

Ø  Paul served Jesus Christ by responding to personal call and fulfilling his unique purpose. Paul was able to fulfill this call by receiving the Grace of God

      1 Chronicles 15:15

Ø  Grace is supernatural empowerment to fulfill the assignment God has given. 

·   God is raising up a generation of apostolic people:

Ø  70 = the complete number

Ø  Appointed = 322 = to arise to another level, to display or bring into view.

Ø  The 70 disciples carried apostolic anointing and empowerment – they were sent.

Ø  They broke into new areas of the nation preparing the way for Jesus’ coming.


  1. You have a Metron – A sphere of Influence:

·   Ephesians 2:10  -  “We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works …”

·   You are unique, special, a work of art designed by God.

·   Created = to fabricate or bring into being for a unique purpose, to reveal God.

·   Works = supernatural activities, moving in the power of the Holy Spirit.

·   ‘Beforehand’ = God planned ahead of time unique works for you to accomplish.

·   These take into account – your passion, gifts, background, and experiences.

·   2 Corinthians 10:13   -  “…according to the measure of the rule God has distributed to us …”

·   Metron = to measure out something

·   Rule = a sphere of influence, a region or boundaried area within which you have spiritual authority and influence.

·   You have an assignment from God.

·   Your assignment is unique to you.

·   Your assignment is an area, sphere of influence God has measured out.

·   It is your responsibility to identify your metron and the assignment God has given.

·   The Church is called to equip and release believers to fulfill their assignment.


  1. God has called you to tend you own Garden:

·   Genesis 2:8  -  “God planted a garden east ward in Eden and there he put the man He has formed”.

·   Garden = An enclosure of plants, (a metron, a sphere of influence)

·   Eden = to bring pleasure and delight.

·   God positioned Adam in the metron He had prepared.

·   Genesis 2:15  -  “God put him into the Garden of Eden to dress (tend) and to keep (protect) it.

·   Dress = 5647 = to be a husbandman, to serve, to minister, to worship.

·   Dress = God gave Adam a ‘metron’ to cultivate (make and produce fruit)

i)        Personally present and involved in the garden. You have to turn up and get involved.

ii)       Develop a vision for its growth and development. Plan what this garden will look like.

iii)     Work at cultivating environment and plants to produce.

iv)    Enjoy the fruit produced by his work.

·   Keep = 8104 = to be a watchman, to hedge about, guard, keep.

  Adam was to assume (see what is going on) a governing spiritual authority over the garden.

·   Keep = There was something hostile present to subdue and have dominion over.

i)        Aware spiritual influences affecting the garden

ii)       Identifying and confront any demonic activity

iii)     Exercise governing authority as Gods representative

iv)    Overcome and subdue all spiritual resistance

·   You are responsible “to dress and keep” your metron.


  1. Identify Your Metron:

·   What is the Metron God has given you – sent you to?

1)      Your Personal Life  -  Proverbs 4:23 e.g. thoughts, emotions, attitudes, body

2)      Your Relationship with God  -  John 15:5

3)      Your Finances  -  Luke 16:10

4)      Your Children  -  Ephesians 6:4

5)      Your Home/Property  -  1 Corinthians 4:2

6)      You Workplace -  Colossians 3:23

7)      Your Relationships  -  Galatians 6:10

8)      Your Neighborhood  -  Acts 1:8

9)      Your Ministry/Giftings  -  1 Corinthians 12:7

10)        Wherever you are  -  2 Corinthians

·   What is the condition of the metron God has sent you to?

·   What enemies are present? When will you arise and subdue them?

·   How productive is it?

·   The first step is to respond to Gods Call!