He Shall be Called Prince of Peace

20 December 09


  1. Introduction:

Is 9:6 

·       “…His name shall be called Prince f Peace, of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end…”

·      The name of the person in the bible often describes their character, identity, purpose

·      Matt 1:21  Jesus – ‘Saviour’ = He will save His people from their sin

Matt 1:23  Emmanuel – God with us = Manifest presence and kingdom of God

·      His name shall be called Prince of Peace

·      Prince = OT8296 = head person in rank, ruler over, to reign or have dominion over

Peace = OT7965 = Shalom (Hebrew) = safe, healthy, prosperity, prosperous


                Dictionary = to be in harmony, free from strife, hostility or fear


  1. Peace is a Spiritual Issue:

a)  Peace is connected to the Government of God:

Rom 14:7  “The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, power, joy in the Holy Ghost”

·         Kingdom of God = Gods’ order, Gods rule, Gods Presence and activity

·         Fear, anxiety, worry are the consequence of sin and its impact


b)  Peace is a Fruit  of a Holy Spirit Ruling Life:

Gal 5:22  “Now the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace …”

·         When the Holy Spirit governs our thoughts and  emotions the overflow is peace

·         Whatever governs our inner world will manifest in our outer world


c)  The Root of the Problem is Sin:

Is 57:20  “…the wicked are like the troubled sea, … no peace to the wicked”

·         Peace is a spiritual issue, must have a spiritual solution as well as spiritual outworking

·         Jam 4:1  “Where do wars and fights come from among you?”


3.      People search for Peace:

·           People long for peace, inner peace, peace in relationships

·           Fear, anxiety and internal conflict are the source of much sickness


a)       False Peace:

·         Many of the solutions that people find are not a solution at all

·         They do not address the root and core of the problem e.g.

                                                          i.          Denial and Avoidance of issues

                                                         ii.          Control of inner and outer world

                                                       iii.          Negotiate a Truce – but hostility still there

                                                      iv.          Spiritual Solutions – meditations

                                                       v.          Chemical Solutions – Altered Chemical state e.g. smoking, alcohol, drugs, medicines, food


Is 26:3  “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you”

·           The human body needs a balance of chemicals, especially serotonin – ‘feel good chemical”

·           When a person is out of peace with God the chemical balance alters – ‘they feel bad’

·           The person faces a choice:

1)      Resolve the issue 

 2)   Medicate the condition to feel better

·           People ask ‘Is it ok to smoke?’ Right or wrong?

·           The issue is

1)      Health

2)      Addiction

3)      Guilt in conscious

4)      Open door to spirits

·           Sorcery = NT5322 = Pharmakeisa = drug, magic

·           It is better to resolve the condition than to medicate the symptoms


4.      Peace is Found in a Person:       

a)     Jesus is Called Prince of Peace

·      This is who He is, this is what He does, He is the source of peace

·      Peace is found in a person, Jesus Christ

·      He brings peace by confronting the issue and bringing Heavens solution and provision

·      Eph 2:14  “He is our Peace”

The work He did at the Cross was to resolve the hostility between man and God (by substituting for us the Cross and bearing our sin)

·      Rom 5:2  “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”

·      True peace is found firstly within us not outside us

·       Jn 14:27  “My peace I give you, not as the world gives”

·      Solutions the world tries to provide are all external

·      Solutions that Jesus gives are within, they are spiritual


b)     How can you find that Peace within?

i)         Personal decision to forsake sin and trust Christ                                               Rom 5:2

Sometimes underlying issues are generational

ii)      Practice fixing your mind on Jesus and His full provision for you        Is 26:3

iii)     Practice letting go of cares and worries to Jesus                                 Phil 4:6

iv)   Practice gratitude expressing thanks                                                      Phil 4:6

v)     Practice thinking on good things                                                              Phil 4:8-9

vi)   Practice meditating on the Word of God                                                           Ps 119:65

vii)  Practice recognizing and promptly resolving issues                             Col 3:15

viii)Practice seeking first the rule of God in you and                                  Rom 12:18

ix)    Living and relationships                                                                               Mt 6:33