Governing Your ‘Metron’

26 April 2009


  1. Introduction – The First Apostolic People:

·   Genesis 2:15  -  “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to dress and keep it”.

Ø  God measured out a ‘sphere of Influence’, a garden, a place for Adam and Eve.

Ø  Adam was positioned by God to ‘dress and keep the garden”.

‘Dress’ = 5647 = to cultivate, to serve, to worship God by making it productive.

‘Keep’ = 8104 = to be a watchman, to hedge about, be an overseer, restrain.

             = there were spiritual forces for Adam to govern – subdue and have dominion over.

Ø  Govern = to rule over, exercise restraining influence, to have predominating influence.

·   You have a ‘metron’ – a garden – where God has sent you to cultivate and govern.

·   Your metron = personal life, relationship with God, finances, children, home and property, workplace, neighborhood, ministry, ‘wherever you are’.

·   What you have done with your metron qualify or not qualify your eternity.

·   Metron = Apprenticeship for eternity. Cultivate it to bear fruit and govern and protect it to keep it safe from spiritual opposition.   

·   God does not work if a human element was not involved.


  1. Governing your Metron:

a)     Example of Paul:

                          -  The Centurion, the owner, the helmsman, the majority.


b) Keys to Governing your Metron:

1)      Position Yourself in your heart ‘Over’ your metron:

·   Verse 24  -  “God has granted you all those who sail with you”.

·   Paul viewed the ship and all the people as ‘his metron’.

·   Paul assumed responsibility in his heart for every person aboard.

·   You must assume responsibility for your metron – “hold it in your heart”.

·   You cannot govern unless you have been given responsibility and take it up.

·   When responsibility is accepted authority can operate to govern.

·   Philippians 1:6-7  -  Paul was confident of the work of the Holy Spirit in ‘his metron’.

·   Acts 20:28  -  because he was ‘holding them in his heart”.

·   Fully embrace what God has given you and prayerfully hold it in your heart.

·   When you fail to assume responsibility and govern – evil spirit powers are free to operate.

·   Your spiritual life will go down the drain if you don’t guard it. Assume responsibility for it.



2)      Trust and Lean on the Anointing of the Holy Spirit within you:

·         Verse 10  -  “I perceive that this voyage will end with disaster and much loss …”

·         “Perceive” =  2334 = to behold with the eyes, discern, be a spectator.

·         Paul received insight from the Holy Spirit – word of wisdom about the trip.

·         Verse 23  -  “They stood by me this night an angel of the Lord …”

·         Paul experienced supernatural direction concerning saving the people.

·         1 John 2:27  -  “…the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you … and the same anointing teaches you”.

·         You have an “Unction to Function”.

·         Anointing = presence and activity of the Holy Spirit within you.

·         The Holy Spirit gives impressions, ideas, thoughts, insights about your metron.

·         The Holy Spirit teaches, gives each believer instruction – impressions in your heart.

·         Your responsibility:

Ø  Confidently expect the Holy Spirit to speak and direct.

Ø  Continually build and strengthen your inner man – pray in tongues.

Ø  Listen and respond to inner promptings, warnings, desires.


3)      Develop Direction and Purpose:

·         Verse 24-25  -  “”I believe God that it will be just as it was told me”.

·         Paul had a clear sense of purpose for his life.

·         Philippians 2:13  -  “God works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure”.

·         Works = 1754 =  energeo = to be active, energize.

·         The Holy Spirit works with us to energize thoughts and develop direction.

·         It takes time to listen to your heart, to clarify direction – faith for the future.

·         Your vision is your future: To govern you must have some picture of the future.


4)      Exert Authority in Prayer over ungodly Spirit Activity in your metron:

·         Verse 24  -  “God has granted you all those who sail with you”.

·         Paul had prevailed in prayer and asserted spiritual authority.

·         Paul broke through destructive spiritual powers and obtained salvation for all.

·         Luke 4:32-36  -  “Jesus asserts spiritual authority over evil spirits in “His metron”.

Ø  Spiritual Authority is real and its presence can be felt.

Ø  Spiritual Authority is recognized by the spirit world and people.

Ø  Spiritual Authority is for a purpose and has limits.

Ø  Spiritual Authority requires the person be under authority  -  Matthew 8:9 and James 4:7

Ø  Spiritual Authority is delegated by God to enable you to govern your metron.

Ø  Spiritual Authority is exercised by vocal command.

·         Matthew 16:19 - “I give you keys ... whatever you bind ... whatever you loose…”

·         To govern your metron you must identify spiritual resistance and overcome.

·         The Holy Spirit gives strategy to bind = 1210 = fasten in chains, prohibited, declare illegit.

Ø  Pray in tongues - Picture your metron - Speak into it - to forbid demonic activity and to release the Holy Spirit and angels to operate.

Ø  Maintain pressure on spiritual resistance until it yields.

Ø  Speak and declare the will/word of God into your metron.

·         You are speaking /acting as a representative of heaven.

5)      Be practically Involved:

·         Verse 30-31  -  “Paul said to the centurion and soldiers …”

·         Paul took practical action – he spoke to those in authority.

·         Paul intervened when he saw God’s plan would be frustrated.

·         He did not impose, manipulate – he spoke boldly and confidently.

·         There are times to speak and act to ensure God’s plan is not frustrated.



If you want things to change, step up and get involved.

“Will you say and do nothing?” or ‘Will you take responsibility over you metron and influence and save people?