Fervent Love 09

13 September 09


  1. Introduction:

·   Matthew 22:36-39  -  “Great Commandment:  Love the Lord wholeheartedly, love your neighbour fervently”

·   God calls us to:    1)  Represent Him on earth => manifest His character – Love

           2)  Extend His Kingdom => manifest His life and power 

·   1st place to practice loving people is the family of God

·   Loving God is expressed in how to relate to and love His family

·   1 Peter 4:8  -  ‘And above all things have fervent love for one another’

·   Fervent = 1618 = to stretch out, to be intense or passionate

·   Above = 4253 = prior to, in front of, superior to

·   Loving God’s people is more important than all the acts of service we do

·   1 Peter 1:22  -  “… sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart”

-    Loving God’s people is a vital part of obedience to God

-    We cannot see God but we can see His family

-    John 13:34-35  - God commands us to love His family


  1. The Holy Spirit empowers us to Love People:

·   Romans 5:4  -  “ … the love of God is shed abroad In out hearts by the Holy Ghost”

·   ‘Love of God’ => the way God loves people

           => the very love and nature of God expresses through us

·   ‘Shed abroad’ = 1632 = to pour forth, gush over, spill over

·   Whatever is in our heart will spill over, flow out and impact people

·   Whatever the heart is full of will spill over

·   People “feel” or “sense” what is in the heart of others eg acceptance, gentleness or eg judgmental, hard, covered

·   The heart = the innerman, your soul and spirit

·   The Holy Spirit desires to manifest the love of God tangibly to people through us by words and actions

·   Romans 8:5-6  -  “Those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh”

-    Mind = 5426 = phoneo = to excuse the mind, direct your mind towards, take interest in, to seek after, to set affection upon

-    Whatever you direct your mind towards you open up your heart and life to express

-    “Mind the flesh” = set mind on negatives, lacks, failure and sin

-    Mind the things of the Spirit” = when we set our minds towards the Spirit of God, conscious of God

-    When we set our minds towards the Spirit of God you open your life to be filled with God

-    The God who loves people is able to flow out of you to impact others


  1. You are your brothers’ keeper:

·   Genesis 4:1-4  -  “Am I my brothers’ keeper?”

·   Cain “fixed his mind” on his negative feelings verse 6

He focused on feelings of rejection, injustice. He became resentful and angry

His anger could be seen on his face – expressed visibly, felt!

·   Cain concealed his anger and hate  verse 8

·   Verse 4, he talked with his brother => covered his head with a show of friendship eg Joab kissed Abner – then killed him

      Absolom feasted with Amnon – then killed him

      Judas feasted with Jesus – then betrayed him

·   Cain murdered his brother verse 8

·   His unresolved conflict with God overflowed towards his brother

·   1 John 3:15  -  “He who hates his brother is a murderer”

Anger and hatred release a spirit of murder that takes away life

·   Murder = to take away life with malice or ill will eg anger, gossip, judging, criticizing

-    Great people talk about ideas – small people talk about people

-    Our tongue has power to release demonic spirits against people

-    When people agree together in criticizing – evil spirits are authorize to operate

·   God holds Us Responsible for How we Treat our Brother  verse 9-11

·   God places his priority on how brothers treat one another

·   Keeper = to guard, protect, attend to

·   Cain lied and then accused God of acting unfairly  verse 9

·   Cain was held responsible for his actions and reaped the consequence

1) Lack of Fruit        2) Frustration of purpose

·   God calls us to Walk in Faith and in Love

Hebrews 3:12-14  -  “Exhort one another daily”

·   “One another” => members of the family of God

·   “Exhort” = to call near, come alongside, encourage, strengthens

·   “Depart” = to withdraw from, stand aloof or distant

·   Draw near to God for Grace to overcome and encourage others