‘Breaking Free of Passivity’

9 February 2009


1.      Introduction:

·   Theme for 2009: “Advance” = to move forward, make progress, rise to a new rank or level.

·   There can be no advance without effort to overcome resistance = must become militant. There will always be resistance when you want to advance. To bring the life of God into the earth will take effort. We have to step up.

·   Be determined, pray to get breakthrough to fulfill your destiny. You cannot be passive, be militant to engage in warfare.

·   Militant = to be vigorously active, to engage in warfare.

·   Matthew 11:28  -  “The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by

                                    force”. NKJ

                                  “The Kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful

                                    men lay (take) hold of it”. NIV

·   Violence = NT971 = to use force, to apply force, to be proactive and determined.

·   Throughout the Bible, God expects us to be aggressive

   = make an all out effort to succeed.

   = boldly assertive and pushy.

·   How God does want us to be aggressive?

1)      Love for Christ  -  Deuteronomy 6:5

2)      Against demonic spirits  - James 4:7

3)      Overcome world’s pressure  -  1 John 5:4

4)      Salvation of souls  -  Luke 14:23

5)      Move in miracles  -  1 Corinthians 13:31

6)      Obtain the promises of God  - Hebrews 6:12

·   Example :  Caleb

·   Joshua 14:10-12  -  “Here I am this day 85 years old … now give me this mountain”.  If God is with me, I can do it. Have some fire within you and don’t fade away.

·   Caleb = 3611 = To be forcibly, militant, aggressive, aggressive and he had “another spirit” – spirit of faith. He had passion and the life of God in him.

·   No Jesus in a Person’s life =  no God to love, no eternity, make a decision to come to Christ.

·   As a Christian = Does my life have impact?  How many souls have I won to Christ? How productive are you for God?


2.      Passivity is a Spiritual Cancer:

a)     Joshua 18:3  -  “ How long are you slack to go possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?

·         Slack = OT7503 = idle, lazy, passive, avoid or put off responsibility or work.

·         Slacker = A person who avoids work or responsibility, tries to avoid military service.


b)     Passivity         = inertia, inactivity.

= yielding to unwanted pressure from people or other influences without


= apathy – lacking in interest or enthusiasm, unresponsive, ‘shut down’

= Lacking in personal energy or will power

= “Go with the flow”, take the path of lest resistance.


c)     Jesus always required active faith in those coming to Him for miracles.

·         Matthew 15:22  -  The Syrophonecian woman, she didn’t take no for an answer.

·         Mark 9:23  -  The man seeking deliverance for his son – everything is possible when you are a believer.

·         Mark 10:46-49  -  Blind Bartimueus, he wanted to se, he never shut up when he was told to, he was determined that Jesus Christ would heal him. No one could stop him.


d)     Passivity always leads to bondage and loss.

·         Passivity in Faith – bondage somewhere in life, enslaved to something. E.g. bondage in relationship, pressure, passively went with the flow of society.

Dead fish go with the flow, live fish swim against the current and jump over things.

March to the Heaven’s sound not by the sound the culture/society makes.

·         Examples: 

i)   Genesis 3:6-7  -   Adam was passive (silent) = loss of dominion, entered into


ii)   2 Samuel 11:1-4  -  David was passive – stayed home from war – adultery.

iii)  1 Kings 21:3-7  -  Ahab was passive – his life was controlled by witchcraft.

iv) 1 Kings 19:1-4 – Elijah was passive – left responsibility and wasted to die.

v) Matthew  12:44-45  -  Man delivered was passive – more demons entered him. He

                                                never stepped up in changing his life.

·         Passivity always comes with trouble. Sin feels good up to a point and then major regret follows.


e)     Passivity causes slow and steady loss.

·         Proverbs 24:30-34  -  “A little sleep, a little slumber … so shall you poverty come …”

·         Slothful = OT6102 =  to be slack, passive, lean idly, not inclined to exert himself.

·         Field/vineyard =  i)  Your Soul – personal life – Matthew 13:19 – “Word sown in heart”.

                                    ii)  Your metron – responsibility in the community –

                                         Matthew 13:19 –  “Field is the world”

·         Overgrown with thorns and thistles = evil habits that choke fruitfulness, habits that huts or offend, scratch.

·         A little passivity like a traveler slowly and steadily advances, step by step.



3.      How to break out of Passivity:

a)     God expects and requires faith action:

·         Isaiah 52:1-2  -  “Wake, awake … put on your strength …  shake yourself from the dust, arise …”.  Wake up and shake up.

·         God expects us to exercise our will in response to His Word.

·         Ephesians 6:10-18  -  Put on the whole armor of God … stand … quench … praying”.

God expects us to be militant in resisting spiritual oppression.

Example:  ‘300’ movie – arrows came down them and hit their shields; they would take their swords and cut the arrows of with one stroke.

Cut off the arrows coming your way to wound you and move on.


b)     Practical Keys to break Out:

·         James 2:17-22  -  Faith without works is dead!

i)        Recognize and Acknowledge Your Passive Condition.

ii)       Decide to commit to the process of change.

iii)     Fasting and Prayer can expose hidden roots and increase sensitivity.

iv)    Eliminate Negative Energy Drain  -  Attach the roots of passivity!

·   Lack of love

·   Rejection

·   Bitterness

·   Word curses – put downs

·   Witchcraft – controlling relationships

·   Death wish

·   Unfavorable comparisons

·   Disappointments – loss of hope

·   Laziness

·   Oppressive spirits


                                         NOTE:   You may need council and ministry

                  -  Identify and break these roots

                                                        -  To bring healing and deliverance.


v)     Set some small goals for progress.

vi)    Ask for help and support to change.

vii)  Celebrate small victories and learn to express gratitude.

viii) Change the spiritual atmosphere – praise (expressive) Speak!

·         Hebrews 6:12  -  “Be not slothful but initiate those through faith and patience inherit the promises of God”.

·         Initiate = 3402 = to copy, follow the example of, follow the pattern of attitude, speech and lifestyle.

·         Associate with believers with passion, high energy, strong motivation,.

·         They are doing things you don’t, think differently than you normally think.

·         Micah 2:13  -  “The breaker will come up before them – they will break out”.