Sent by the Holy Ghost

22 November 09


  1. Introduction:

·      Acts 13:1-4

“So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went...”

·      Prophetic words over Bay City

i)        2006 Mike Weitenberg:

How to align and excel in this Governmental Church

Need to change to the Apostolic Design – “Man with the withered hand”

Need to break out of toxic addictions                

ii)       2007 Charlie Robinson:

The Tongue is destroying destiny – must speak words of life

Bay City called to discover unique identity

iii)     2008 Jeff Jansen:

What got you this far will not take you further in the next season

Need for change from old patterns

Ps Mike and Joy anointed for Apostolic Ministry

iv)    2009 Mike Connell:

Advance – called to be Apostolic Church/Seminars!

Randy Domain:

Must build culture to support Apostolic Design

Mike Connell:

Advance        = must let go of what attached to

                          = must break free of what is holding on to you

Season of increased prayer, fasting and warfare – DNA legacy

Jason Westerfield:

Ian and Lyn into office of Prophet

Love and unity essential to advance the Kingdom

v)     2010 Mike Connell:

Key Theme: Strengthening and Enlarging Foundation

Moving the Church into an Apostolic Function


  1. Development of Apostolic Church in Antioch:

Acts 11:19-27   “When he had found Saul he brought him to Antioch”

a)     Spiritual Pressure caused Gospel to Advance:

·      Vs19  People were scattered after a persecution arose against the church

·      Vs20  They broke out of cultural and fear barriers and went to the Gentiles

·      Vs10  Jews only, They broke out of limiting mindsets and paradigms

·      Vs21  Gods favor and anointing came upon expanding the Kingdom


b)     The Church grew as a result of the Ministry of Barnabas:

Acts 4:35-36 

·      Barnabas had a ministry of giving and encouragement

·      His original name was Joses = Joseph = God has added

·      Renamed Barnabas = son of Prophecy = called forth into true identity

·      Giftings of giving, encouragement, prophecy

·      Barnabas was sent (apostello) to Antioch

·      Vs 23,24  Barnabas encouraged and built the church with gifting he had


c)     Pursuit of the Apostolic Anointing:

·      Vs25  Barnabas departed for Tarsus to seek Saul

·      The Church had hit a spiritual seiling and needed the Apostolic Anointing

·      Anazeteo = to make a diligent search for something hard to find

·      It requires diligence and pursuit to take hold of the Apostolic Anointing

·      Must press through obstacles, difficulties with hunger for new spiritual dimensions


d)       Activation of Breakthrough Believers:

·       Vs26  “And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch”

·      Paul taught, imparted apostolic grace and established believers

·      Focus of the Church was discipleship – raising productive believers

·      ‘Christian’ = Anointed Ones = many believers flowing in gifts and the power of God

·      ‘Disciple’ = person who follows the lifestyle and teaching of another

·      Those who participated in being discipled arose and expanded the Kingdom of God with signs and miracles  John 14:12


e)       Prophets Were Added to the Church:

·       Vs27  Prophets came from Jerusalem to Antioch

·       Prophets worked with the Apostle Paul activating believers into callings

·       A new realm of revelation opened up – released generosity and care  v28-30


f)          Formation of a Multi Cultural Eldership Team:

·      Acts 13:1  “In the Church in Antioch …prophets, teachers…”

·      Barnabas                               - Levite, prophetic, encourager, emerging apostle

·      Simeon called Niger                        - North Africa – black man

·      Lucius of Cyrene                  - “Light” possibly prophetic, sent out  Rom 16:21

·      Manaan, foster brother      - Education, professional, wealthy, influential

to  Herod

·      Saul                                         - Saul


g)       Development of Strong Atmosphere:

Acts 13:2  “They ministered to the Lord and fasted”

·      Developed fervent militant prayer

·      Developed strong atmosphere of the presence of God through worship intimacy

·      Broke through all spiritual resistance to release flows of revelation

·      Prayer is the birth place of ministry assignments


h)        Activated Believers into Ministry Assignments:

Acts 13:2  “The Holy Spirit said…”

·      The Holy Spirit was honored, valued as supreme director of people

·      The Holy Spirit was free to call, and speak over lives

·      “Said” = 2036 NT = to speak, call, command

·      Separate = 873 NT = to mark off, to issue spiritual boundaries

·      The Holy Spirit called – separated – gave authority – and gave a territory

·      Sent = 630 NT = apoluo = to let go, release, set at liberty

·      Sent = 1599 NT = ekpempo = to send forth on a mission

·      Called => Preparation Time => Commission (Sent)

·      They were not sent never to return – they came back and reported

Acts 14:26, 15:30