4 January 2008


1.      Introduction:

·   Numbers 10:5  -  When you ‘sound the advance (trumpet)’ the camps that lie is on the east side shall begin their journey.

·   There are different sound for different activities. This sound was the sound for advance.

·   Israel was continually led by the Holy Sprit in their journey to inheritance.

·   The trumpet = prophetic voice, Holy Spirit speaking to the church clear direction.

·   Advance in 2009!

·   Advance = no passivity, no going back, no standing still, no settling down.

   = i) to move or progress forward, increase (Financially, spiritually, relationships)

   = ii) to promote or raise the rank or positioning, to lift to a higher level, to lift your

          faith level to function in ways you haven’t functioned before.

   = iii) to move actively against entrenched enemy positions, unseen spiritual

           forces, cycles and patterns. Spiritual forces resisting you, be aggressive

           against demons.

·   Let go of all places and decisions that kept you back. No advance with out a decision and action.


2.      Break out of Passivity: 

·   One of the greatest hindrances to the church in the west is spiritual passivity, no energy, no vitality – became lethargic, unresponsive, yields to what happens instead of standing up against it and push through for what God intended for us.

·   Spirit of Passivity = passive, lethargic, unresponsive, compliant, laid back.

  = not participating actively, lifeless

  = yielding to something knows not right without resistance or objection.

·   Spirit of passivity is closely connected to the Religious Spirit.

·   Religious Spirit = form a religion without the presence or power of God.

·   Move from how you have lived last year. No presence of God = no power carried = passivity. Touch people around you with presence and power of God. Extend your faith, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, if you’re not sure, get trained. Belief for God to move and have faith.

·   People become passive, religious because of mindsets.

Christianity = peace, love, kindness, being ‘nice’, avoid offences.

Jesus = Prince of Peace, Good Shepherd, Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

·   These things are true, but are only part of the picture.

·   Prophetic word by Jeff Jansen 2008 – Move from Psalm 23 to Psalm 24

·   Psalm 24:8  -  “Who is the King of Glory?” The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

·   Take on a Lion tribe nature. Get grit, substance, strength and advance the Kingdom. Behind battles a spiritual power is operating. Angels operate on behalf of God’s people. No mercy on demonic spirits and wicked demons.

·   We can get so involved in the church that we forget the Spirit of the church, the Lord, God.

·   The Holy Spirit works best in people passionately involved in advancing the Kingdom in the community to make a difference.

·   To know how to do things and in doing it is the difference.



3.      The Nature of Jesus:

·   Jesus is not just a lamb – He is also a Lion – Revelation 5:5

a)     Our God is a Warrior King:


·   Exodus 15:3  -  “The Lord is a man of war, the Lord is his name”

·   Psalm 24:8  -  Who is this King of Glory?” The Lord strong and mighty.

·   Isaiah 42:13  -  The Lord shall go forth like a mighty man, like a man of war”.



·   1 John 3:8b  -  “For this purpose was the Son of God manifested – to destroy the works of the devil.

·   Luke 4:38  -  Jesus rebuked him saying’ come out’.

·   Revelation 19:11-15  - “Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sward that He should strike the nations”.

·   We need revelations of the Warrior aspect of Jesus’ nature.

·   The God we serve is a Lion with a Lion Nature. That lion is inside us. The Kingdom is advanced by men who is Lion hearted.


b)     Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit – with a “Breaker Anointing”, breaks limitations:

·   Micah 2:13  -  “The breaker will come up before them, they will break out”.

·   Breaker = to break through, break the limitations, break the obstacles  = this is us. We need to break out of limitations, if it is in the mind change your mind, if it is in your habits, change your habits. Break out of what you accepted as normal. Represent our Father.

·   Sundays = is not for the Fathers business, but to feed the people. Get busy, do business, make something happen, step out. The Lion in you can do it. Do whatever it take to break out and do what God called you to do.

·   Now = apprenticeship to qualify self for a better future.

·   We have a Warrior King – we are called to be like Him, a Warrior King.

·   We are born again into Royal Family = Warrior Kings.


4.  The Nature of our Mandate in Militant:

·   Militant = vigorously active in advancing a cause, engage in warfare, set of Holy Ghost bombs.

·   Mandate = our commission, command or authorization act.

·   Learn how to step up. Have answers from the kingdom of heaven to problems here on earth.


a)     Old Testament – faith heroes – judgment:

·   Genesis 1:28  -  Subdue and have dominion = nature of the original mandate.

·   Subdue = 3533 = to tread down, conquer by force, bring into submission, bow down and make the enemy yield, deal (sort out) demonic spirits.

·   We have no mandate to conquer people or dominate them

·   Our mandate is to subdue and conquer wicked evil spirits.

·   Old Testament full of natural battles to reveal the nature of the spiritual battle.

·   Examples of Militant Attitudes in O.T.

·   Judges 14:4  -  Samson – sought occasion against the Philistines. He wanted to pick a fight with enemies. God wants to pick a fight with enemies. If there is too much sin, picking a fight could lead to failure. The Holy Spirit will lead you to the fight, a militant spirit.

·   1 Samuel 14:1  -  Jonathan – let us go over to the Philistines outpost.

·   1 Samuel 17:48   -  David hastened and ran towards the enemy to meet Goliath. David was a man after God’s own heart, a man that did God’s will. Acting militant, he hated what God hated and did something about it.

·   2 Kings 9:22  -  Is it peace Jehu? What peace so long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many? Drove chariot furiously fast. People asked for peace. Jehu asked: ‘What peace? Who’s going to help?  Passive men threw her out of the window – they listened to Jehus message and acted on it.


b)     New Testament – Jesus’ blood – set people free:

·   Matthew 11:12  -  “The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force”.

·   Violent = 973 = to force, crowd in, apply force or effort.

·   Take by force = 726 = to seize, claim as a prize, possess.

·   Luke 10:19  -  “I gave you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you”.

-    Authority = legal right to speak and act as a representative”.

-    One day Jesus will place the devil and evil spirits in the pit – Revelation 20:1-2

-    Until them we are authorized to launch assault on the devil and his works.

-    Matthew 28:19  -  Great Commission = mandate, authority to invade.


c)     You cannot be Passive and Win!

·   1 Samuel 1:1-2  -  “make a covenant with us – we will serve you”.

·   Nahash = serpent, snake

·   Men of Jabeal Gilead were passive, unwilling to fight, stand.

·   Conditions of compromise:  1)  Loss of Vision – ability to fight

                                                     2) Reproach – constant taunting

5.  God’s Word – Advance!

·   Exodus 15:15b  -  “Tell the children of Israel to Advance ”.

·   By faith lift authority of God in us to make a way where there is no way.

i)        What area do you need to advance?

ii)       What resistance or opposition?

iii)     What plan do you have to overcome?

iv)    What personal support will you need?


Have an attitude. No prayer, no results. Get assertive in praying.

We have the legal right to speak and act on behalf of the Lord, to step on serpents and scorpions.

Jesus gave us authority; we are authorized to do this.

We have a legal mouth piece to bring order back on earth.

You can’t be passive and win!


Cost of compromise = can’t fight.


God can make a way for you. Belief in His power to make a way.