New Identity in Christ (1 of 4)

4 May 08


1.      Introduction:

·   Proverbs 23:7  -  “As he thinks in his head so is he”.

·   People live out what they believe about themselves.

·   How you see yourself and what you believe about yourself impact all areas o life.

·   Heart beliefs and expectations impact the spiritual atmosphere around your life.

e.g.  ”I am unwanted” – spiritual atmosphere is filled with rejection.

          The person pursues people’s actions as “rejecting them”.

          The person experiences over and over what they believe about themselves.

   e.g. an elephant tied to stake – eventually believes it’s not able to break free.


2.      How People define their Identity:

a)     Definition:  Identity = the personal characteristics that define a person, by which they are recognised and known, characteristics that make them unique.


b)    Key ways people define themselves:.

a)     Face – what a person look like.

b)      Name – what a person is called.

c)     Who a person is linked/connected to:  family; nationality;  racial groups.

d)     Occupation – what a person do.

e)     Gender.

f)    Social status -  position, monetary position.

g)     Children.

h)     Experiences – failures of past.

i)     Words of others.

j)        Our behaviours.


c)    Example – Victim mentality:

·   A victim = a person who has suffered hurt, loss, pain, injustice at the hands of another person and was unable to prevent this happening.

·   “Victim mentality” – the past experiences ‘what happened to me’ become the persons identity – “who I am”.

·   Mentality is I am unable to cope, powerless, things happen to me that I can’t do anything about.

·   The reality is:

Blame – someone else responsible for what happened.

Self pity/demand  -  someone else responsible to fix it.

·   Don’t let the past define who you are.

·   Don’t let the words of others define who you are!

·   You are who God says you are.


3.      God defines who we are according to His purpose:

·   God designed every person with a purpose in mind.

·   God defines ‘Our Identity’ in relation to His purpose (relationship)

   e.g. Judges 6:12-16  -  Gideon – mighty man of velour.

           Genesis 32:28  -  Israel – prince with God.

           Jeremiah 1:5-10  -  prophet to the nations.

           Matthew 1:21-13  -  Jesus – save the people.

          John 1:42  -  Peter – Cephas – The Rock.

          Romans 4:17  -  Abraham – father of Nations.

·   God sees you according to His purposes He made you.

   God calls you according to your potential – what you could be.

   God calls things that do not yet appear as though they already exist.

   Whatever God says – already exists in the real of the spirit.

   God seems to ignore the natural and declares creative word over people.

·   To walk with God – we must agree with what He says about us.


4.      Security and identity Releases you to serve:

·   Example of Jesus:

  John 13:11-5  -  Jesus was totally secure in His identity.

   Know – Greek = to acquire information you need and filled it in your brain.

              Hebrew = you don’t know something until you have believed it and believing

                                is has changed your life and became part of who you are.

·   Jesus was free to serve – no need of position or status to be secure.

·   Verse 13-15  -  Jesus set the example for us => pattern and imitate.

·   When you are free from shame and secure in your identity you can serve freely.

·   Insecure people – feel threatened by others.

-    find identity in their position

-    constantly compare with others and envy or criticize.


5.  Establishing Your Identity in Christ:

·         Practical Keys:

1)      Resolve the past

2)      Read what God says

3)      Personalise

4)      Meditate – imagine

5)      Believe it – embrace it

6)      Speak it out

7)      Live it out with your actions – change behaviour to agree with belief.


·         Who I am in Christ:

1)      Child of God – 1 John 3:1; Galatians 3:26

2)      New Creation – 2 Corinthians 5:7

3)      Dwelling of God – 1 Corinthians 3:16

4)      Heir of God – Romans 8:17

5)      Saint – 1 Corinthians 1:2

6)      Priest of God – Revelations 5:10

7)      King – Revelation 5:10

8)      Citizen of Heaven – Ephesians 2:19

9)      Ambassador – 2 Corinthians 5:20

10)  Conqueror – Romans 8:37

11)  His Workmanship – Ephesians 2:10

12)  Beloved of God – Romans 1:7