24 February 08


1.      Introduction:

·   Isaiah 54:1-5  -  “Enlarge the place of your tent…do not fear for you shall not be ashamed”.

·   Whenever Go speaks to us, He also empowers us if we respond and take faith-action.

·   God desires to help us grow through the limitations placed by fear and shame.

·   To overcome personal limitations we must face them and plan how to work with God on it.

·   God’s heart for us is that we live without shame and fear – be unashamed.


2.      God’s Original Design – “Unashamed”:

1)     We are made in the Image of God:

·   Genesis 1:27-28  -  “let us make man in our image, according to our likeness”.

·   God made us in His own image – beautiful, loving, creative, spirit beings.

·   He made us with emotions, dreams, passions, creativity, ideas.

·   God has many emotions and he created us to give expression to them.

·   We are designed to represent God in the world – God is Good!


2)     Whatever God makes is Good:

·   Genesis 1:31  -  “God saw everything He had made and indeed it was very good”.

·   God is Good – whatever He makes or does is good.

·   God’s view of the man He created – “Very Good”.

·   God does not make trash – ‘I am not trash’ – ‘I am unique’ = “very good”.


3)     God clothed man with His Glory:

·   Psalm 8:4-6  -  “You have crowned him with glory and honour”.

·   Glory =  3519  =  Kabod – tangible manifest presence of God –

   Psalm 104:1-2   =  “Light”.

·   Exodus 33:18-19  =  “Show me your glory…I will make all my ‘goodness’ pass before...”.

·   Adam’s whole body radiated the presence of God’s glory.

·   Honour = 1926 =  hadar = magnificence, majesty, splendor, highest value.

·   Man stood out above all God’s creation because of glory and honour of God.


4)     Man was Unashamed:

·   Genesis 2:25  -  “They were both naked, the man and his wife were not ashamed”.

·   Adam drew his identity and life from his relationship with God.

·   He walked with no fear, no shame – totally unashamed.

·   The presence and Glory of God empowered him to live “unashamed”.

·   Proverbs 3:55  -  “The wise inherit glory – shame is the legacy of fools”.

·   God has prepared man to share His glory – shame is for His enemies!


3.      Shame is a Thief:

1)      steals identity

2)      steals intimacy



4.      Unashamed!  What does it look like?

·         Note:  People who are unashamed will experience shame attacks from those in shame bondage – “Who do you think you are?”


1)      Connected  -  I can remove all masks and live out my true identity as a child and representative of God:

·   Shame causes us to cover and conceal who we are, live behind a mask.

·   Shame causes us to be disconnected from self and from God and others.

·   2 Samuel 6:14-15  -  King David, emotionally expressive.  Totally able to be himself, total freedom emotionally/physically.

·   David was connected with God – himself – his men.


2)      Confident – I can confidently fulfill God’s assignment to me, free from fear of people or their opinions”.

·   Shame causes us to live comparing ourselves to others and fearful of being different.

·   Unashamed = I am free of what people think or say”.

·   2 Samuel 16:22 -  King David refused to be put down by Michal.

·   David was able to withstand her shaving words.

·   David expressed his freedom boldly.


·   Acts 4:13  -  Peter refused to be intimidated by religious criticism.

·   Peter stood and acted boldly –verbally bold and assertive.

·   He stood up in his calling and assignment of God.


3)      Creative – I am free to express the creative wisdom of God through my unique gifts, abilities and creativity:

·   Shame causes us to place low value on what we are and have to give.

·   Shame keeps us mediocre – following the crowd, copying.

·   Unashamed = I am free to discover and develop my unique capacity boldly, confidently and creatively.

·   Gideon – changed a nation – Judges 6:12

·   Paul – proclaimed gospel – Romans 1:16 – “Not ashamed of the Gospel”

·   David – music, songs – e.g. Jesus


It is Time to Break the Power of Shame – be Unashamed!