The Great Commission

3 August  2008


1.      Introduction:

·   Matthew 9:35,36  -  Jesus moved with compassion for great multitudes – heart for the lost, compassion.

-    Unsaved people are like sheep without a shepherd, vulnerable and lost.

-    Jesus identified the greatest need – laborers – apostolic people.

-    Greatest need – people to continue the work of Jesus.

·   Matthew 28;19  -  The great Commission – a global and local mandate.

·   Go! – Commission – task or order committed to someone.

·   Go!  -  Commission – a mandate – an entrustment.


2.      We have an Entrustment:

·   1 Thessalonians 2:4  -  “we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the Gospel.

·   Entrust = to invest a person with a responsibility.

-          to commit to someone’s care to carry out an assignment, to care for it.

-          to believe in and rely on someone to fulfill a responsibility put into their care, position, give to someone else.

·   We are entrusted with the Gospel, every believer.

·   We are entrusted with the future of this generation and the next.

·   God entrusted the community and nation to us.

·   God has assigned us a metron to invade and change.

·   Believers are being stirred afresh to invade and change.

·   Apostolic church/reformation => release believers to advance the Kingdom in every area of society, to push back demonic power and invade the atmosphere.

·   Go and let them know there’s a God in heaven that loves them and cares.

·   God called us to make a difference.


3.      We have a Message – The Gospel:

·   What have you done with Jesus Christ?

·   Romans 1:16  -  “I am not ashamed of the Gospel – it is the Power of God to salvation to everyone that believes”.

-          The Gospel is the only answer to mans deepest need.

-          God wants us to be unashamed.

·   Luke 4:18  -  “The Spirit of the Lord has anointed me”.

-          Preach the Gospel  - reconcile man to God.

-          Heal the brokenhearted – restore broken relationships.

-          Deliverance to captives – release from bondage, torment from demons, free from addictions.

-          Recovery of sight – impart of vision / healing.

-          Set out liberty that’s crushed – release from limitations.

-          Proclaim acceptable year – empower people to fulfill purpose.

·   The anointing given to us is to do the same work.

·   The Gospel – starts with reconciliation – ends with man having dominion and to advance the Kingdom.

·   The only remedy for sin is Jesus Christ. It is not too hard, nothing is too hard.

  1. We have a Mission -  Make Disciples = bottom line:

·   Matthew 28:19  -  “Go make disciples of every nation – teaching to observe”.                           

·   The core mission of the Church is disciple making.

·   Acts 11:26  -  Disciples were called Christians 1st in Antioch.

-    Christian = follower of Christ – the Anointed.

    A term only used once in the Bible, unsaved

    Term used everywhere else = disciple.

-    Disciple = person who learns, follows in footsteps and lifestyle of another.

-  John 8:31  -  Disciple applies teaching of Jesus into daily life.

-  John 15:8  -  Disciple displays the character of the one they follow.

-    Antioch = Centre of Advance of the Gospel (Acts 13:1)

-  Apostolic Church – multicultural, nations together.

-  Embraced different cultures.

-  Team ministry – no superstars.

-  Equipping believers – gathered and trained to go out.

-  Sending Church – apostolic sending to the market place.

-    Ordinary believers and Apostolic teams that:

*  Invade cultures.

*  Releasing the power of God.

*  Occupying areas of society.


           What a great entrustment we have!

            Two things to do:       1)  Believers to become disciples.

                                                 2)  To make disciples.