New Identity in Christ (2 of 4)

25 May 08


1.      Introduction:

·   Proverbs 23:7  -  “As he thinks in his heart so is he”.

·   Story of Businessman listening to ‘Victim Mentality’ CD – he realized more than half his employees had a victim mentality after issues in the business for some time. 

·   People project who they are through their mentality – not projecting God. It is hard for them to enter the things God has for them unless they shift their thinking.

·   People live out what they believe about themselves.

·   How you see yourself and what you believe about yourself affect all areas of your life.

·   Many people see themselves as a victim of circumstances.

·   Victim = A person who suffered at the hands of people or negative circumstances and was unable to prevent this or help themselves out of it.  They felt they were powerless to do anything to change the situation – a way of thinking about themselves and life.

·   A person who has suffered as a victim or learned to view life as a victim from their family or influential relationships can develop in a ‘victim mentality’.

·   Their identity – how they see themselves as a victim. They are locked in their thinking of what happened to them – ‘I am powerless’; ‘I am a Victim’. “I’m this or that you have to come through for me”.


2.      Key Biblical Truths about Every Person:

a)     1st Truth - “How were you called to win -  the ability to excel already resides within you, in your design, in your make up a victor – rise up and become a victor:

·   Stir yourself up to be a victor, winner, confident in life.  The principle of the kingdom is hardwired within us.  We were born to win!

·    When you have a victim/losing mentality you are unhappy.

·   Genesis 1 :26-28  -  “Subdue and have dominion”. 

·   “Subdue” = kabas = to bring into subjection, to dominate.  This assumes whether is being subdued is hostile to the subduer and requires some kind of force to subdue it.

·   “Dominion” = radah = refers not to God’s make and responsibility but to mans.  It means to manage from a position of sovereignty.


b)     2nd Truth  -  You were created with the capacity to choose:

·   Genesis 2:15-17  -  “..not to eat the fruit of the tree…”

·   Every person has the capacity to choose – the power to make decisions, good or bad. You were created with a free will to choose. You can always make choices.  You ‘can’t say’ you ‘can’t choose’ – ‘no decision is a choice’.

·   We can’t choose family relationships but we can choose how we will respond in that relationship.

·   We always have choices – sometimes difficult because they require personal change.

·   You can choose to stop being a victim of the past.

·   You change your life by changing your choices, every choice has a consequence..

·   “You cannot fail without you consent – you cannot win with out your participation”


c)     3rd Truth  -  You were created to take responsibility for yourself/you life:

·   Genesis 2:15-17  -  “…the woman you gave me…”

·   Genesis 3:10-12  -  God gave the power of choice.

·   You are reaping today, yesterday’s choices.  God intends you to be responsible for yourself.

·   All choices have consequences.  You have power over choice not over the consequences either good or bad but sometimes not immediate.  No consequences = rescuing (not learning to take responsibility).

·   To win in life you must take responsibility over your own life.

·   You are responsible for your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, decisions, desires, goals, words – they are yours, not someone else’s, own it!

·   Adam and Eve’s choice to blame rather than assume responsibility for their choices.

·   Blaming others is a losing strategy, irresponsible, not taking responsibility and not growing up.

·   When rewards are handed out they belong to you!

“When consequences arrive, remember, they weren’t delivered to the wrong address!” 

·   “Blaming others is proof that a person has yet to embrace personal responsibility.”

·   Romans 8:37  -  “In all these things we are “more than conquerors” through Him who loved  us.

“More than conquerors” -  to vanquish beyond, gain decisive victory, preeminently victorious.


3.      Characteristics of a Victim Mentality vs. the Characteristics of a Victor Mentality:



























































4.      Key choices to make to Change from Victim to Victor:

·   2 Corinthians 2:4  -  “Thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ”.

·   NB:  When you choose to think like a victim you lose power to in life!  Grow in character and win in life.

·   Causes = We are involved in this                    Always = always

1)      Stop blaming and complaining – start rejoicing and take responsibility.

2)      Assume responsibility for your life.

3)      Initiate actions that will bring about personal change – let go past hurt – forgive – let go of anger.

4)      Initiate action that will influence changes in your circumstances and relationships.

·   “Success and failure are not destructives, they are destinations of choice!”

·   How can you influence you circumstances/life around you?  What actions are you taking?  Are you in cruise mode?

·   We are more that conquers in Jesus Christ!