Father’s Day 2008


1.      Introduction:

·   Father’s Day = a celebration of Dad – a special and unique man in our life.

·   Opportunity to bring honor and value to Dads.

·   Opportunity to remember the sacrifice fathers make and the role played in shaping us.

·   Opportunity to show love and let them know the special place they have in your life.

·   If you think about your father today whether it is honor on no honor, he has made an impact. 


2.      Origin of Father’s Day:

·   Originated with a woman called Sonara Dodd of Washington early 1900’s.

·   The idea came as she listened to a Mother’s Day message in 1909.

·   She wanted to have a special day to honor her father William Smart.

·   William Smart – a civil veteran, widowed when his wife gave birth to their 6th child gave his life and raised and valued his children.

·   As a grown up Sonara realized her fathers’ courage, love and selflessness.

·   The 1st Father’s Day celebrated his birthday 19/6/10 – and recognized officially in 1924.


3.      Importance of Fathers:

a)     Impact a Family:

·   The family is the most important foundational unit in a nation.

·   A Father is critical – coach, teach, mentor, inspire of success.

·   Too many Fathers go ‘missing’ – AWOL.

·   Barak Obama was speaking to African Americans on Fathers Day.

Without a father:   = it is 5 time more likely to live in poverty and commit crime.

                                 = it is 9 time more likely to drop out of school.

                                 = it is 20 time more likely to end up in prison.     

·   It has a powerful impact if families are without a father.


b)     Mixed Emotions on Father’s Day:

·   For many people Father’s Day is not easy.

·   Some have a poor relationship with their fathers – may not know him even if they’ve lived in the same house.

·   Some might have abusive or violent fathers.

·   Emotions mixed: 

i)        Positive – warmth, love, respect, great memories.

ii)       Negative – anger, grief, disappointed, pain, rejection.

·   Jesus came to restore our relationship with God our Father.

·   John 17:3  -  “Father  … this is life eternal that they know you!”

·   Jesus came to model what God is like.

·   Jesus came to offer relationship not religion so that we can come to the Father.

·   Spiritual Fatherhood in action, inspire, walk in faith and relationship.





  1. Dads Who Dare:

·   Our theme for today = “Dads Who Dare!”

·   God is not calling Dads to play it safe. Take risk, there are possibilities of failure but there are also the possibility for success and that things could work out.

·   Dare = to have the necessary courage or boldness to do something that involves


             = To face difficulty or danger with courage and confidence.

             = To boldly confront or make a stand. 

·   Joshua 1:9  -  “Be strong and have good courage for the Lord your god is with you”.

·   God did not promise Joshua – no casualties, wounds, setback and difficulties.

·   God promised – i)  Victory  and success if he pressed forward.

ii) He would walk with him and coach him.

·   God is not a magical God or absent God – rather a God that walks with us.

·   Dare to:

i)        Build relationship -  share heart, feelings, values, concerns, beliefs, struggles, confidence that their sons and daughters can make it.

ii)       Give direction -  guidance, help discover gifts and purpose.

iii)     Set boundaries – protection, security, make it safe.

iv)    Require responsibility – no excuses, choices have consequences, teach children to be responsible for their choices, reaping and sowing.

v)     Love God passionately – set an example of true manhood.

·   Your relationship with God provides inspiration, motivation, and power to break out of old family patterns into new life giving patterns.

·   Become a Dad who Dares!  -  Take a step!

·   John 14:16-18  -  “and I will ask the Father, and He will give you a Counselor to be with you forever – the Spirit of Truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither see him or knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.  I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you”.

·   God is the greatest Father of all.