Fasting for Enlargement – Part 1

20 January 08


1.      Introduction:

·   2 Samuel 5:17-20  -  “Go up, doubtless I will deliver the Philistines into your hand”.

·   David had been anointed king – positioned to advance Israel as never before in history.

·   God’s intention and plan was a season of great enlargement.

·   Associated with enlargement is the grace to grow to breakthrough to win.

·   Verse 17  -  “the Philistines heard…all the Philistines went up to search for David”.

·   Enlargement is accompanied by conflict to break out of restrictions.

·   The Philistines sought to contain David – to take his life in Valley Rephaim.

·   “Rephaim”  -  Giants  =  Place of intimidation.

·   Verse 19  -  David enquired of the Lord…”Go up for I will doubtless devour the Philistines into your hand”.  Doubtless you will win!   -  But have to go up – contend in battle.


2.      Be Assertive about Change / Enlargement:

Have to be assertive to break through limitations.

Not like that!  Maybe now – but God has put an overcoming spirit in you!

Today is our day – must break through so we can impact our generation.

The Breaker  =  to break through, burst out of the womb, break limitations.

Jesus is the breaker – one with a breakthrough attitude and anointing.

“They”  = people under His leadership – followers of Christ carry the same anointing.

Make decisions now about change, growth, enlargement, increase.

Fasting prepares the way.


3.  Fasting is Rewarded Openly:

·   Matthew 6:16  -  “When you fast … in secret… Father who sees in heaven will reward you openly”.

·   Position yourself for God to reward you openly – enter a season of fasting.

·   Desire = discipline = delight in coming near to the Lord, presence of God.

·   Discomfort of fasting is brief but rewards are lasting, life changing.

·   Pursue the Presence of God  -  pursue purity  -  pursue Power of God.

·   Luke 4:1-4  -  Example of Jesus -  season of fasting preceded impacting nations.

·   Pattern – Jesus set aside season of seeking God in fasting as 1st priority.

·   He waited in the Presence of the Father to receive revelation, instructions, empowering.

·   Discover who He was, where from, destiny, what called to do.

·   He accessed the realm of heaven for training and impartation.

·   He also experienced spiritual conflict – verse9, 5 – transported by the devil physically – incredible supernatural conflict.


4.      Benefits of Fasting:

1)      Direct Release of Revelation of Supernatural Realm:

·   John 5:19  -  Jesus saw and heard in realm of the spirit.

·   His encounter  with the devil was a major supernatural conflict.

·   He overcame the devil by a rhema – specific Holy Spirit anointed Word of God.


2)      Power of the Flesh and Sinful Habits Weakened:

·   Luke 4:2-3  -  “…he was hungry….and the devil said”.

·   Hunger would have been an overwhelming sensation within.

·   Fasting weakens the hold of the body and the soul.

·   Fasting can break the power of addictions e.g. caffeine, drugs etc.


3)      Strengthen Awareness of Identity:

·   Luke 4:4,9  -  “…if you are the son of god, proof it”

·   The devil pressure Jesus to prove identity by doing works.

·   Jesus identity securely rooted in the word from the Father – Luke 3:22

·   Our identity must be established by focusing on what God says.


4)      Perspective on Life (wisdom):

·   Luke 4:5-6  -  “All this power I will give you if….”

·   Jesus was offered a shortcut to fulfill his destiny – glory without the cross!

·   Jesus firmly anchored in God’s perspective – the bigger picture.

·   Fasting alters how we see life – what we value, how we ‘do life’.


5)      Exposure of Motivations:

·   Luke 4:22-23  -  “all those in the synagogue….were filled with wrath”

·   As Jesus spoke the truth he received doing fasting, people were exposed.

·   “Good” church people manifested a religious spirit and wanted to kill him.

·   Fasting uncovers and exposes hidden motivations – bring things to light.


6)      Express Realm of Supernatural Protection:

·   Luke 4:29-30  -  “Passing through the midst of them He went His way”.

·   Inspite of life threatening circumstances Jesus walked through the crowd.

·   Fasting opened the way for supernatural protection.


7)      Exposes Demonic Activity:

·   Luke 4:33-34  -  “a man with a spirit of an unclean demon cried out loud”.

·   Jesus carried a strong presence of the Spirit of God…returned in power – verse 4.

·    How can we help people unless the Holy Spirit exposes reality of the demonic?

·   Fasting and prayer unlocks power over demonic spirits and exposes them.


8)      Increase in Influence:

·   Luke 5:16-17  -  “…come out from every town…”

·   Jesus’ influence increased because of the impact His life had.

·   Fasting and prayer increase our influence and impact on people.


9)      Release of Power to Change Impossible Situations:

·   Luke 5:25  -  ‘immediately he rose up before them”


10)  Empowers Good Decision Making:

·   Luke 6:12-13  -  “He called his disciples to himself and chose twelve”.


5.      Practical:

·   Will you fast, enter a season of seeking God?

·   What will you do?

·   How long will you fast?

·   What is the purpose / outcome you are seeking?

·   Celebrate and engage the presence of God.