The Creative Power of the Tongue – Part 4

30 December 07


1.      Introduction:

·   Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”.

·   People are spirit beings – the words we speak are containers that carry spirit content.

·   The words we speak have power to impact life or death – to change the course of our world.

·   Ephesians 4:29  -  “…that which is good for necessary edification that it might impart grace to the hearers”.

·   “Impart grace” = supply something needed to build and to strengthen – life of God.

·   This week:  “Shaping Your Personal Spiritual Atmosphere”.


2.      Atmosphere: What is it?:

a)     Definition:

·   Root meaning:  atmos = vapour;   spharia = sphere

·   Air surrounding the earth held to it by the force of gravity.

·   Surrounding or prevailing mood, influence, environment.

·   Distinct tangible quality that surrounds a person.


b)     Examples – Different kinds of atmosphere:

* Polluted                   * Grief                                    * Negativity               * Pessimism

* Control                    * Confusion              * Excitement             * Enthusiasm 

* Confidence                       * Romantic                * Joy                           * Faith            

* Hope


·   The atmosphere cannot be seen with the eye, but can be felt.

·   The prevailing atmosphere influences people = they thrive or struggle e.g. David’s men were distressed; in dept; discontented (1 Samuel 22:2).

Under the influence of David’s prevailing spiritual atmosphere they were shaped and became “mighty men of valor”.

·    The ‘atmosphere’ around a person can be shaped and developed.


3.      Spiritual Atmosphere:

a)     Definition:

·   The prevailing spiritual influence that surrounds a person.

·   The Spiritual presence surrounding a person held in place by the life in their inner man.

·   The distinctive and tangible spiritual presence surrounding a person.


b)     What is Spiritual Atmosphere made of?

i)        The Human Spirit  -  overflowing from a persons inner-man.

ii)       Demonic Spirits  -  intimidating and oppressing person – like flies.

e.g.  1 Samuel 16:14  -  Saul – oppressed      

e.g.  Acts 13:45  -  Jews filled with envy.


iii)     The Holy Spirit moving freely within and around a person.

·         1 Corinthians 6:17  -  He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.

·         John 7:38-39  -  Out of you inner most being shall flow rivers – Holy Spirit.

·         When your spirit flows freely without restraint there is a release of the life of the indwelling Holy Spirit – Comes from intimacy.


c)     Charisma:

·   Charisma = spiritually imparted gifting or ability.

                     = spiritual power or authority that gives a person influence.

                     = ‘presence’

·   E.g. Political Leaders: Kennedy = Entertainment;   Religious = Luther King.

·   Key factors in “personal charisma” = Focus + Sense Responsibility + Vocal Experience.


4.  How to Shape Your Personal Spiritual Atmosphere:

·   Shape = to create; cause to conform to a particular pattern.

·   Key problem = to overcome is passivity!

·   “Passive”          =  not participating readily or actively, inactive.

= submit to something without resistance.

= lacking will or energy, lethargic.

·   There is no place for passivity in creating a strong personal spiritual atmosphere where you influence others.

·   Matthew 11:12  -  “The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence…” 

forceful” e.g. Caleb.

·   “Violence” = to use or apply force, act energetically.


·   Keys:

i)        Take Responsibility for your Personal Spiritual Atmosphere - 2 Corinthians 5:20

·         Reject the blame game

·         Reject old mindsets – ‘That’s me’.

·         Break out of passive mindsets.

·         You are an ambassador of heavens.


ii)       Develop Stronger Physical Expressions of PraisePsalm 47:1

·         Move body     

·         Smile                 

·         Clap     

·         Dance


iii)     Develop Stronger Vocal Expressions of PraisePsalm 100:4;  Matthew 18:18

·         Speaking in tongues.

·         Thanksgiving – Word of God.

·         Declaration of the Word of God.

·         Praise – Word of God.

·         Time in the Presence of God.

·         Ephesians 5:18 – Filled with the Holy Spirit – speaking and singing and thanksgiving and praising.



iv)    Manage Your Inner World – Your Soul Proverbs 23:7

·         Deal quickly with negative thoughts / feelings – acknowledge and resolve it.

·         E.g. Guilt;  Hurt;  Anger;  Offence;  Fear  -  Keep focus on purpose.


v)     Manage your Outer World  -  Psalm 101:3

·         Guard what you allow to enter your inner world.

·         What you see.

·         What you hear.

·         Who you fellowship with – resist negativity and unbelief.


vi)    Consciously Release the Life of God  -  John 7:38

* Smile.                                * Speak positively, enthusiastically.

* Thank                                * Fill with your presence.

* Encourage                      * Engage people.