Breaking out of your Limitations

10 February 08


1.      Introduction:

·   Isaiah 54:1-5   -  Prophetic Word to the Church concerning enlargement, growth and influence.

·   Whenever god speaks to us He also empowers us if we respond and take actions.

·   Verse 4  -  fear and shame place limitations on people – hinder response.

·   Psalm 78:41  -  “Again and again they tempted God and limit the Holy One of Israel.  They did not remember His Power”.

·   God’s heart is not just to save us but for us to advance in every area of life.

·   “Grieved”  -  God was grieved by their response to His generosity.


2.      Recognising Limitations:

·   Definition:  Limitations            = a weakness that restricts’

                                                = a lack of capacity that restricts

                                                = a boundary or obstacle that confines and restricts.

·   Examples of Limitations:

1)      Physical = health, physical disability.

2)      Financial = limited income, excessive debt.

3)      Seasonal or circumstantial = mother with children, caring for

                                                        a spouse/parent.

4)      Skills = inadequate skills, lack training to cope with increased  


5)      Wisdom = lack of knowledge, understanding, experience, insight.

6)      Mindsets = fixed mental attitude or way of thinking that restricts


7)      Heart beliefs = something you place trust in to be true, believe and


                          = to self, to God, to people, to life e.g. ‘poverty mentality’

8)      Emotional = unresolved conflict, offenses from painful experiences.

                      = fear, shame, guilt, anxiety, rejection, anger.

                      = inability to manage emotions, express feelings.

9)      Spiritual = demonic bondage, limited knowledge of God and Word.

                     = 2 Peter 3:18  -  ‘grow in grace and in the knowledge of the


10)  Relational = lack willingness/skill to connect, gather build relationships.

                      = living in fear of peoples opinions.


·   Two Possible Approaches to Limitations:

1)      Accept them – and do the best within that limitation.

      2 Corinthians 12:8-9 – “My grace is sufficient for you”.


2)      Challenge them – identify what limits you, work to overcome it.




3)     7 Keys to Break Out of Limitations:

·   2 Samuel 5:17-24  -  “He called that name of the place ‘The Lord of Breakthroughs’”.

·   Verse 17  -  Daniel was anointed King.

Davis was empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.

King = to rule, take dominion.

-    David was called by God as His representative to conquer and advance the Kingdom.

-    Revelations 5:10  -  “He has made us Kings and Priests”.

·   Verse 17-18  -  Philistines – enemies of Israel – Time of Harvest.

   2 Samuel 28:13

- Heard of David’s anointing and call and were afraid of him.

- Gathered to limit him – Kill him – steal his destiny.   

- Valley of Rephaim – giants – place of our greatest fears/limitations.


·   How David Responded Reveals Keys to Breaking Out of Limitations:

1)       He faced the Issue:                             

·   Tendency for people to:

1.      Blame the Limitation.

2.      Deny the Limitation.

3.      To accept the limitation and to be confined.

·   This is: excusing yourself from the responsibility to change.

·   Key 1 – Face the issue – Call it what it is  -  Proverbs 22:3

                                                                        Question:  What is the Issue?


2)      He sought direction from the Lord: 

·   Verse 17  -  “He went to the stronghold …. He enquired of the Lord”.

·   Nahum 2:7  -  “The Lord is Good ….a stronghold in the day of trouble”.

·   Psalm 27:1  “The lord is my light and my salvation…the lord is the strength of my life”.

·   He prayed for wisdom – what to do.

·   Psalm 32:8  -  “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go”.

Question:  What does God say?


3)      He formed a Strategy/Plan:

·   Verse 19-20  -  Daniel received a rhema – Word from God = Confidence.

·   He still had to outwork it with a practical plan.

·   James 1:5  -  “Any man lack wisdom…let him ask in faith”.

·   No breakthroughs take place without a plan.

Question: What is your plan?


4)      He Enlisted Help from Proven Men:

·   2 Samuel 23:8-13  -  Daniel’s mighty men.

·   Each of the men was a men of experience courage proven in conflict.

·   Don’t go it alone enlist the help of proven people to help you.

Question:  Who is helping you?



5)  He Committed to Action::

·   2 Samuel 5:20  -  “David defeated them there”.

·   David faced the limitations in hand to hand combat.

·   You have to do something – there is a battle to face.

·   No great breakthrough without a great battle.

·   Matthew 1:12  -  “The Kingdom of Heaven advances the violence”, i.e. assertive actions.

Question:  What are you doing?


6)  He dealt with Root Issues:

·   Verse 21  -  “they left their images there”.

·   The Philistines worshipped and were empowered by false idols.

·   David burned the idols.

·   2 Corinthians 10:4  -  “Weapons of our warfare are mighty.

Question:  What are the roots?


7)      He Persevered when Limitations Rose Again:

·   2 Samuel 5:22  -  “Philistines went up again”.

·   Must persevere until total release of limitation.

·   Hebrews 10:35  -  “You have need of patience that after doing the will of God to receive promises”.

Question:  Do you quit easily?


·         This is the victory that overcomes the world – even our faith.

      And who is he that overcomes – he that believes Jesus is the Son of God.

·         “All things are possible to him that believes”