The Creative Power of the Tongue – Part 2

23 December 07


1.      Introduction:

·   Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”.

·   We use words to express ourselves – ideas, dreams, desires, fears, pain.

·   This ability is exclusive to humans – we are spirit beings able to release spirit life.

·   Last week:  God used words  -  i) To Create/ Release Supernatural Power

                                                         ii) To Establish, Nurture and Protect


·   We are called to act as His ambassadors – speak and act on His behalf.

·   This week: “Shaping your World by the Word of God”.


2.      The Creative Power of Words of God:

a)     Jeremiah:

·   Jeremiah 1:9-10  - “Behold I have put my words in your mouth”.

·   God has a purpose for Jeremiah’s life – to change the world around him”.

·    Verse 5  -  Sanctified  = set apart for the purpose of God – change the nation.

·   Verse 9  -  God’s assignment  - speak His Word our as His representative.

·   Verse 9  -  God positions him in a place of spiritual authority.

·   By speaking what God gave him, he made way for the Spirit of God to move.


·   Note the impact of the Word of God:

i)  “Real out, pull down, destroy, throw down”  - verse 10

-  to exercise dominion over ruling spiritual forces and mentalities and cancel their power.

ii)   “To build and to plant”

-  to saw seeds of hope for the future, proclaim the promises of God to build and release the nation.


·   Before Jeremiah could shape the world outside him he had to change his inner world!

·   Verse 6-7  -  “Behold, I cannot speak for I am a youth”.

·   NB: 

i)        Stop making excuses – embrace the call/assignment of God  - v7

ii)       Stop speaking negatively, stop speaking limitations                              - v7

iii)     Don’t be ruled by fear but by faith                                                - v8  

iv)    Personally connect with God – relationship                                 - v9

v)     Embrace, agree with and speak His Words from the heart        - v9-10

vi)    Expect God to Supernaturally fulfill His way                                 -v11,12

·   All that Jeremiah spoke was fulfilled – he changed his words by the Word of God.



b)     Mary:

·   Luke 1:35-38  -  “Let it be according to Your Word”.

·   Verse 37  -  “For with God nothing is impossible” (NKJV)

·   Verse 37  -  “For no Word of God shall be void of Power”  (ASV)

·   Mary heard, embraced and agreed with and spoke the Word of God – heart and mouth!

·   Mary expected God to supernaturally fulfill His Word.

·   Mary’s faith declaration of what God had said changed her words.


Question:  What is shaping your world?  The Word of God or the agreement with



3.  Shaping your world by the Word of God:

·   Hebrews 11:3  -  “By faith we understand that the world were framed by the word of God”.

-  Framed = 2675 = to thoroughly complete, put together, put in order,

   arrange, make what ought to be, to construct.

- Word = Rhema = 4487 = an utterance, spoken word or command.

             = word spoken out aloud by a living person.

·   Notice 3 factors always present in creative activity of the Word of God.

1)  Presence of the Holy Spirit Relationship

2)  Faith – total confidence, heart.

3)  Spoken Word of God – mouth.

·   In all of Jesus’ miracles those factors were present.

·   We must learn to operate as God operates  -  Ephesians 5:1


a)  Shape Your Inner World:

·   The first area to shape is your inner world – thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, beliefs.

·   Proverbs 23:7  -  “As a man thinks in his heart so he is”.

·   Your inner life can be shaped by speaking/declaring the Word of God.

·   1 Corinthians 14:4  -  “Speak in tongues – edified himself”.

·   1 Samuel 30:6  -  David strengthened himself in the Lord.

·   Declare = to state clearly you position in a controversy.


b)  Shape Your Outer World:

i)   Your Spiritual Atmosphere:

·   You can shape/form the supernatural atmosphere around your life by the Word of God.

·   Psalm 34:1-3  -  David continually shaped the spiritual atmosphere around his life with thanksgiving and praise.

·   Psalm 22:3  -  “You are holy – enthroned on the praises of your people”.


ii)  Your Relationships:

·   Your relationships can be shaped by declaring the Word of God.

·   Declaring God’s Word, God’s promises over marriage, children, and friendships makes room for the Holy Spirit to work to bring about the Spoken Word.

·   1 Samuel 23:14-18  -  David was strengthened by Jonathan’s words. Jonathan spoke words of destiny, commitment, encouragement.

·   Relationships are impacted by words!


iii)  Your Metron – Realm of Responsibility:

·   Metron = sphere of responsibility – 2 Corinthians 10:12-13 = people, work, money, ministry.

·   Declaring God’s Word over your metron makes room for the Holy Spirit to act.

·   1 Samuel 17:47-48  -  Goliath’s venomous cursing released a spirit of fear.  David stood his ground and declared the real outcome based upon his trust in the Lord.


Hebrews 3:1  -  Jesus – the Apostle and high priest of our profession.

·   Apostle = one who is sent to build, establish.

·   High Priest – the one who acts on our behalf before God.

·   Profession = homologeo = to speak the same words as God.