The Source of Lasting Honour

  26 August 2007


1.      Introduction:

·   There is great longing in people for honour – to feel “valued”.

·   OT – Honour = 3519 = kabad = to be heavy, weighty, valuable, have glory.

NT – Honour = 5092 = Time = value, money, to fix a value upon, make precious.

·   Definition = Words or actions that cause people to feel valued and that they have a place of priority in your life.

e.g.  1 Corinthians 6:20  –  “You are bought with a price (honour).

·   Dishonour   = to treat a person in such a way they feel unappreciated and   devalued.

 = to refuse to accept – e.g. a cheque.

·   Definition = to take away value from a person by ignoring, rejecting or showing lack of concern or respect.

e.g.  John 8:49  -  “…I honour my Father , and you dishonour me”

e.g.  Mark 6:3-5  -  “Without honour ….could do no mighty work.

·   Honour is a longing in people for honour – value.

·   Honour opens people’s hearts and releases their potential.


2.      Five Places People seek Honour - Value:

·   Psalm 8:5  -  “What is have crowned him with glory and honour”.

-    Man has intrinsic value – we are spirit beings made in the image of God.

-    We are designed by God to carry honour and majesty – be of great value.

-    Sin caused the loss of honour / value – with feelings of pain and longing.

·   We try to find what we are looking for in sources that don’t last.

i)    Possessions – things we posses – they soon depreciate.

·   Luke 12:13-15  -  a mans life does not consist of the things he possesses.


ii)       Position – titles, rank, and privileges – they don’t satisfy for long.

·   Matthew 23:2-7  -  “They love the best places at the feasts, best seats in the synagogues, greetings in the marketplace”.


iii)     People – Recognition by people, preoccupation with ‘image’.

·   1 Samuel 15:30  -  “I have sinned yet honour me now before the elders of my people and before Israel”.


iv)    Power – Natural or Spiritual power and ability, ministry.

·   Acts 8:9  -  “Simon…giving out that he was some great one”.


v)     Performance – achievements naturally or spiritually.

·   Luke 18:10-11  -  “…God I thank you I am not like other men…”


·   All of these give a temporary sense of value and honour.

·   None of these are true sources of value and honour.

3.  Our True Source of Value:

a)  Examples of Jesus:

·   John 13:3-5  -  “Jesus knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands and that he had come from God and was going to God ….washed the disciples feet”.

·   Jesus’ source of value / honour was God.

·   Receiving honour from God empowered him to serve others and to impart value and honour to them.

·   Who is more honoured?  The one Serving or the one Being Served?

·   Jesus revealed the heart of God to honour and value man!


b)  Receiving Honour from God requires Faith:

·   John 5:44  -  “How can you believe without receiving honour from one another and seek not the honour that comes from God only”.

·   Seeking the approval and honour from man is an obstacle to faith.

·   There is an honour God desires to place upon us.

·   We must position ourselves to receive the honour God gives.


4.      Position yourself to receive from God:

·   1 Samuel 2:30  -  “Those that honour me I will honour, those who despise me shall be lightly esteemed”.

·   Honour = kabad =place weight upon, cause a person to feel valued.

·   Despise = raise the head proudly and lightly regard, place no value on.

·   How to Position Self to Receive:

i)        Embrace and Serve Jesus Christ  -  This honour God.

John 12:26  -  “If anyone serves Me, him will my Father honour”.

ii)       Embrace and Keep the Word of God  -  This honour God.

John 14:21-23  -“He who loves Me, he will keep my commandments…we will come to him.

iii)     Embrace and Fulfill Gods purpose for your life  -  This honour God.

Proverbs 21:21  -  “He who follows rights and mercy finds life, rights and honour”.

iv)    Humility and Respect for God   -  This honour God.

Proverbs 22:4  -  “By humility and fear of Lord are riches and honour and life.

v)     Praise and Thanksgiving  -  This honour God.

Psalm 22:3-4  - Thanksgiving


5.      How to Receive Honour:  

a)     From People: 

·   Receive the complement, thank them, reflect the honour to Jesus either in public / quietly or privately.

·   False humility (pride) causes people to reject complements.

b)     From God:

·   Luke 3:21-22  -  Jesus honoured:  Words, affirm, touch, presence, gift.

·   Meditate on the Word of God.

·   Embrace, believe and imagine how it feels  -  Listen for His words.