Mother’s Day

13 May 2007


1.      Introduction:

·   Ephesians 6:2  -  “Honor your father and mother which is the first command with a promise”.

·   Honor = 5091 = to place value upon, hold in place of reputation, respect and consider precious.

·   Mother Among us Today:

1)      Young mother – 1st or 2nd child, body not own, busy.

2)      Mother of Teens – Children changing, separating, challenged by attitudes, indifference.

3)      Working Mothers – Trying to balance work, family, home, marriage.

4)      Empty nest – Children have grown up and left home, separation.

5)      Fulfilled Mothers – Invested in children and home, formed memories, good connection.

6)      Mothers alone – no husband, divorced, death.

7)      Abandoned Mothers – Father refused responsibility.

8)      Empty arms – Child miscarried, died.

9)      Grieving Mothers – Children hurt by father, gone astray.

10)  Grand Mothers – Enjoying the next generation, mothers of mothers.


2.      God’s Purpose for Mothers:

·   Genesis 5:1-2  -  “...He made him in the likeness of God; He created them male and female…”

·   Likeness = 1819 = to be like, to resemble, to act like; pattern, resemblance.

·   God created Adam and Eve to represent Him in the earth.

·   Adam and Eve together reflect the nature and characteristics of God.

·   Eve/woman reveal unique characteristics of God.


·   Leviticus 19:3  -  “You shall honor you father and mother and keep my Sabbath..”

·   There is a close connection between relationship with parents and a relationship with God.

·   How you relate to parents, attitude and conduct impacts the relationship with God.

·   Honor = respect, reverence, recognise the proper power and position of your parent and give them proper respect and honor.

·   Respect and honor of parent foundational to the right relationship with God.


3.  5 Needs met by a Mother:

i)  Need for Safety:

·   The world is big and dangerous to an infant.

·   Safety is found in a mother – infant clings to mother, never far.

·   The eyes of a child look to his/her mother.

·   Mothers need to be predictable, stable, calm, danger free – without this a child is anxious.

·   Proverbs 18:10 – “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe”.

·   God meets our need to be safe in life.


ii)  Nurture:

·   To nurture = to feed, nourish.

·   Human soul flourishes when nurtured and cared for.

·   Nurture with love, touch, words, comfort.

·   Without nurture the human soul withers – child feels abandoned.

·   John 14:16  -  “He will give you a comforter who shall remains with you”.


iii)  Basic Trust:

·   Trust is the ability to invest in relationships.

·   Trust enables us to reach out to others, see others as a source of good things.

·   When trust – invest self into relationship expecting good to come.

·   Psalm 22:9 – “You made me trust while on my mother’s breast”.


iv)   Belonging:

·   Every person needs to belong to some or something bigger than self.

·   Belonging and love are at the root of relationships.

·   Mothers make a child feel anted, loveable, and welcome by their nurture and care.

·   Ephesians 3:17 – “Rooted and grounded in love...”


v)  Someone to Love:

·   Mother provides someone for the child to love, invest into.

·   We are created not only to be loved but also to love.

·   Proper development requires the child to express love.

·   Mark 12:30 – Love the Lord with all your heart...”


4.  How can you Honor Mother:

* Words – letter, card, spoken value               * Seek her advice/talk over life

* Hugs – meaningful touch                                * Time/access to grandchildren

* Thanks – Appreciate for care/being there             * Support as grow older

* Special gift                                                         * Honor her memory


- honor the one who created us.