“Make Room For God”- part 3   

  21 January 2007


  1. Introduction:

·         “No room at the Inn” – Luke 2:7 – Greatest event in history, not recognised, ‘no room’.

·         Jesus wept over Jerusalem – Luke 19:41 – Greatest opportunity for Israel – “No room for God”.

·         Core meaning of “sin” – No room for God – serious eternal consequences.

·         What room are you making in your life, relationship with God?

·         Choice – “make room for God in your life, relationships, schedule, finances”

·         Previously:

i)        Make your relationship with Jesus your first priority – Time / Schedule

ii)       Develop clear faith goals.

iii)     Speak faith filled words.

iv)    Cultivate vital relationships.

v)     Pursue personal breakthrough.

vi)    Step out of your comfort zone / cave.


  1. Fasting Releases Gods Presence:

·         Matthew 6:16-18  -  “Your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly”.

·         Life tends to become “cluttered”.

·         Clutter      = to fill or litter with things in disorder.

= a state or condition of confusion / chaos.

= a state of untidiness, messiness, disorder.

= unwanted echoes that interfere with observation on radar.

·         Fasting is not:      1) A way to manipulate God.

2) A substitute for obeying the Word of God.

3) Missing a meal or two.

·         Fasting is to increase sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and Word of God.

·         Fasting is to change how we live/relate and to increase influence.

·         Fasting is to bring focus and simplicity to your life.

·         “Focus”    = to centre your attention / activities on one point.

= to bring an object into clear detail by adjusting vision.

·         Focus attention on Jesus Christ and His purpose and plans for you.

·         Matthew 6:18  -  …reward you openly”

·         “Reward” = to return to you something that is owing.


3.  Examples of People Rewarded:

i)   Acts 10:30-31  -  Cornelius rewarded – Visitation and Anointing.

ii)  Acts 13:2-4  -  Paul rewarded – Direction and Commission.

iii) Ezra 8:21-23  -  Ezra rewarded – Family and Finances Blessed.

iv) Luke 4:14  / Matthew 17:2  - Jesus rewarded – Breakthrough in Problem.


·         Each person had a focus – a point where they centre their attention on.

·         Each person was rewarded – The spirit of God moved on their behalf.


4.  Fasting with Focus:


a)     Types of Fast:

i)        Normal fast – going without food for a definite period.

ii)       Absolute fast –going without food and liquids (short)

iii)     Partial fast – going without certain foods / meals.

·         People with hypoglycemia or other sickness.

·         People who have eating disorders.

·         Could fast off things other than food – e.g. T.V.


b)     Focus – Matthew 6:22

i)          Have a clear purpose:  What am I fasting for? Be specific!

ii)         Establish clear steps – what foods, how long, when to start and end?

iii)       Establish a place and time with God, environment affect emotions.

iv)      Plan out that time - worship, Word of God, Prayer.

v)       Be prepared for reactions – tiredness, irritable, ‘aloneness’, discouraged.

       This is a season of plouging and sawing – Galatians 6:9.

vi)      Keep a journal – record scriptures / impressions / insights.


c)     Fasting for Breakthrough:

i)          Identify the issue, problem, besetting sin.

ii)         Renounce ungodly control.

iii)       Acknowledge pride and self deception.

iv)      Forgive to overcome bitterness.

v)       Submit to God’s authority- overcome rebellion.

vi)      Take full responsibility for your actions / reactions.

vii)    Reject consciously the sin / bondage.

-          Confession – bold speaking to the issue to be rejected.

-          Acknowledgement – bold declaring what the Blood of Jesus did.

-          Meditations – picturing the bondage broken.

viii)   “….He shall reward you openly”