“Make Room For God”- part 2   

  14 January 2007


  1. Introduction:

·         “No room at the Inn” – Luke 2:7 – Greatest event in history, not recognised, ‘no room’.

·         What room are you making in your life for relationship with God – for God to have?

·         2 Chronicles 16:9 – “the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong on behalf of them whose heart is perfect towards Him”.

·         Problems, pressures, conflicts, fears, demands of life all crowded out the life of Christ.

·         It’s Your Choice – decision.  Make room for God in 2007. 

·         Last week:

i)        Make your relationship with Jesus your first priority – Time / Schedule

ii)       Develop clear faith goals.

iii)     Speak faith filled words.

iv)    Cultivate vital relationships.


  1. Practical ways in Making Room For God - continued:


v)     Step out of Your Comfort Zone:

·         Proverbs 29:25  -  “The fear of man brings a snare but whoso puts his trust in the Lord shall be safe”.

·         Snare = 4170 = a trap or noose to captive and confine an animal.

·         Fear = 2731 = to be anxious, be worried => controlled by the concern how people respond when you talk about Jesus, church, testimony.

·         Fear causes the loss of the anointing, loss of confidence, quenches the gifts and authority.


Example:  1 Kings 19:9-10,13  -  “What are you doing here Elijah?”


·         Comfort Zone = an environment where a person feels secure and

                                   at ease.

                                = lifestyle where you feel comfortable – no

                                   challenge, no change.

                                = the level you function is with ease and formality.

·         Elijah was overcome by intimidation; a scale of problems caused him to withdraw.

·         Cave = dark place of hiding, retreat, withdrawal.

·         “Lodged There”  = (1) To stop overnight.

                                       (2) To complain grumble.

·         What are you doing here?  -  You don’t belong here man of God.

·          What are you doing here? -  nothing at all; God wants to draw out feelings / fears.

·         God reveals His Power and Purpose for Elijah’s life.

·         Return => Go back to the place of conflict, challenge, opportunity.

                   => God’s purpose not yet fulfilled – there’s no time for your

                        comfort zone.

·         The Power of God was released as he stepped out of comfort zone to purpose.

·         2 Kings 1:9-10  -  “Come down man of God – if I’m a man of God let fire come”  -  The Power was released when he left his comfort zone for the purpose of God.


vi)    Pursue Personal Breakthrough:

·         Hebrews 12:1  -  “… let us lay aside every weight and the sin and the sin that does so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us”.

·         Weight = hindrance, restraint, restriction, limiting issues.

·         You have a race to run – victories to win that God has planned for you.

·         What is hindering you?  Slowing progress?  Distracting?

·         Habit?  Sin?   Fear?  Insecurity?  Control?  Painful Experience? Lies of the Devil?

·         You not gain entering in victory until you take inner responsibility?

·         Stop blaming people, circumstances, making excuses.  Stop avoiding painful change.


Example:  Mark 10:49-52  -  “And he casted away his garment, rose and came to Jesus”.


·         Cast away = 577 = to lure of with force and purpose.

·         Rose = 375 = to jump up, to leap up.

·         “What will” = 2309 = to be resolved, to purpose, to delight in.

·         Bartimaeus strongly resolved to believe Jesus, receive a miracle.

·         He cast away the symbol of his life of blindness / begging.

·         He purposed to break out of personal limitations.

He took action.

He received a miracle breakthrough.

His life made room for God.


vii)  Prayer and Fasting

·         Matthew 6:16-18  -  “Your father which sees in secret shall reward you openly”.

·         Reward = to give back something that is owing.

·         There is room made for God to move when you practice fasting.

·         Fasting not:    (i)  A way to manipulate God

                              (ii)  Substitute for obedience – doing what God says.

·         Fasting enables you to become sensitive, aware of God.

·         Fasting is to change how we live / relate and to empower us to impact others.


                  E.G. Isaiah 58:6 ->


1)  Loose bands              - free self and others from sin / addictions.

2)  Undo burdens           - solve problem, overcome barriers and


3)  Let oppressed           - bring freedom, healing, salvation.

4) Break yoke                 - set people free from controlling

                                            thoughts / emotions / demons.

5)  Deal bread                - care for the needs of others, provide for


6) Light break forth        - bring vision, direction, vision.

7) Health                          - bring healing / vitality.

8) Righteousness            - influence on those around recognised /


9)  Glory                           - release of presence of God overcome



·         Fasting makes room for God to move.


NB – When we make room for God the results are more than expected!


E.G.  2 Kings 4:10,17  -  The woman conceived and bore a son.