“Make Room For God”- part 1   

  07 January 2007


  1. Introduction:

Luke 2:7  -  “There was no room for Him in the Inn”

·         Most important event in history – people unaware – other priorities -  ‘no room’.

·         God who created the whole world to save man – ‘No room’ for him.

·         What room are you making in your life for relationship with God?

·         Sin separates us from God – Life preoccupies us with its demands.


2 Kings 4:8-10  -  “I perceive – let us make room for him”.

·         Woman perceived – saw beyond natural.

·         Perceived = 3045 = Yada = to be intimate with, know by experience.

·         Constructed = 2388 = to press, place demand on, take hold of, conquer.

·         There was a strong desire that caused her to place demand on God.

·         She revealed her life/house to make it possible for God to move.

·         The woman had perception, desire, commitment – she knew what she wanted.

·         What will you do to make room for God?


  1. Practical ways in Making Room For God:


i)        Make Relationship with Jesus your First Priority:

·         John 3:16  -  “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son”.

·         God loves people – values people – made us unique …created us for purpose.

·         Whatever you were born to do God assigned a season to do it – your life.

·         For you to discover your purpose and to fulfill that purpose you must be connected to God.

·         Believe = to entrust your life to Christ.


Example:  Mary and Martha

·         Luke 10:39-42  -  “One thing is needful”

·         Pressures and demands of life can take our eyes of our priorities.

·         Martha became isolated and resentful.

·         “One thing is needful” = 5532 = Absolute necessity for life.

·         Choice to make room in life for relationship/hearing the voice of God.


ii)       Develop Clear Faith Goals:

·         Proverbs 29:18  -  “where there is no vision the people perish”.

·         Vision = 2377 = sight, prophetic revelation, unfolding of God’s purpose.

·         The poorest person in the world is a person without a dream, vision.

·         Most people have ‘myopia’ – short sight – can only see immediate circumstances.

·         Without a vision for the future life has little meaning – opportunities missed.

·         Vision must be translated to steps – clear goals that stretch.

·         Faith Goal = 1)  Birthed in prayer,  2)  Specific action,  3)  Stretches


Example:  Nehemiah

·         Nehemiah 2:17-18  -  “..let us arise and build!”

·         Nehemiah had a vision – and formulated specific steps to accomplish it.

·         What Nehemiah did lived on after he had died – had significance.

·         What goal setting have you got for 2007?  What will live on after you have gone?


iii)     Speak Life Giving Words:

·         Proverbs 18:21  -  “Death and life in the power of the tongue!”

·         Your tongue has power – creative power to bring things into being.

·         “Death” = robs hope, dreams, limits and damages potential.

·         “Life” = nurtures and impress hope, dream, possibilities.

·         Learn to speak words that impart life, encouragement, appreciation.

·         Hebrews 10:23  -  “Let us hold fast the confession of our faith”.

·         Confession = homologio = to speak the same as.


Example:  Caleb

·         Numbers 13:30  -  “Let us go at once and possess it for we are able”.


iv)    Cultivate Vital Relationships:

·         Proverbs 27:17  -  “As iron sharpens iron , so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend”.

·         Everyone needs relationships – not all relationships are vital/healthy.

·         When you act on vision you will stir up those who

      (1) Help you

      (2) Hinder  you

·         You tend to become like the people you share your life with.

·         Influence can be subtle or very powerful to help or hinder.

·         Relationships with godly people increase the influence of God upon your life.


 Example:  Paul and Barnabas

·         Acts 9:26-28  -  Barnabas took him and brought him to the Apostles.

·         Barnabas  the door for connection – enlargement – release.




v)     Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

·         Proverbs 29:25  -  “The fear of man brings a snare – who so trust in the Lord will be safe”.

·         Fear will limit your potential, shut down your gifts, quench your uniqueness.

·         Fear of conflict, failure, rejection can overwhelm and paralyze.

·         Must choose – face your fear and step out.


Example:  Peter

·         Matthew 14:28-29  -  “Lord if it be you bid me to come”

·         Comfort zone – safe, secure – but no challenges, no enlargement.

·         Take a risk – based upon dreams and goals.


vi)    Pursue Personal Breakthrough:

·         Proverbs 15:32  -  “He that refuse correction despises his own soul”.

·         Feedback in blind-spots of life can be painful but necessary.


Example:  Bartimaeus, the blind beggar

·         Mark 10:49-52  -  “He casting away his garment – rose and came to Jesus”.

·         Some things hold us to past – face it don’t deny it; then cast them away.