Kingdom Authority

   22 July 2007


1.      Introduction:

·   Matthew 28:18-20  -  “All authority has been given to me…..go therefore…”

·   Authority = the power of government, of rule, of judicial decision.

·   Jesus Christ is absolute Lord and King over all creation.

·   Jesus came to reveal the Father and restore out mandate.

·   Mandate    = a command or authorization to act in a particular way given

                           by a King to His ambassadors.

= to authorize, decree.

= a command for a superior court to a lower one.                       

·   Our mandate is:

i)  Global – Nations               ii)  Life transforming – teaching Kingdom life.

·   To Believe = To obey, align with the King’s will.

·   Mandate = Purpose not Preference; a Command not a Suggestion.


2.      The Kingdom and the Church:

·   Matthew 16:13-20  -  “I will give you the keys of the Kingdom”


a)  Revelation of the King - verse 13:

·   Opinions = personal idea, attitude, prevailing way of seeing things.

·   Opinions reflect beliefs – how I would live my life.

·   Many opinions about Jesus – personal ideas.

·   Peter’s revelation = Jesus = the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

   =  Jesus is the Messiah -  The Coming King.

·   Jesus was born King – came to reveal God and restore His Kingdom.


b)  Revelation of the Church – verse 18:

·   Church = Ecclesia = to call out, called out ones.

·   Ecclesia:

  Used by Greek/Romans to refer to the governing group in the nation.

  People hand picked to govern the nation on behalf of Emperor.

  NZ – Caucus.  

·   Meaning of the word ‘Church’ has been distorted.

·   God’s intention has always been family, sons and daughters to enter His secret council and extend His Kingdom.

·   Every Believer is to be a Son and Ambassador of the King.

·   Revelation 12:24  -  Nations shall walk in the light of the City of God.

·   Every believer called to intimacy and to fulfill purpose.

·   Every believer must understand authority; Be under and to exercise.


c)  Revelation of the Kingdom Authority – verse 19:

·   Keys of the Kingdom = authority to access and operate.

·   Key = Knowledge and authority to enter and to speak.

·   God gives us keys to open heaven and bring blessings to earth.

·   We need to understand our authority as a believer.

·   We are authorized to:

-  Invite the Holy Spirit                               -  Heal the sick

-  Bless and release creative words      -  Bind and loose

-  Inner healing                                          -  Raise the dead

-  Break bondages/curses                      -  Deliverance      

-  Release prosperity

·   We are called to act as ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven.

·   We must learn the principles of authority – how to govern.

·   Mathew 8:8-10  - The Creation

i)        He recognized authority and submitted to it.

ii)       He was a man under authority.

iii)     He exercised authority.

·   Note:  Jesus commendation – “Great Faith”

   Recognizing and responding to earth positions us to exercise authority.

·   Note: The religious people had knowledge but did not enter or experience Kingdom life and power – form without power.


d)  Revelation of the Nature of the Kingdom:

Matthew 16:21-23  -  “The Kingdom reflects the nature of the King”.

Peter’s opinion - Response when forced with submission to the Will of God.

·   “Pity yourself”  -  “Be it far from you!”  - rebuked Jesus.

·   Peter’s mentality = preserve yourself, personal rights are important.

·   He wanted to preserve his position and privileges.

·   He wanted a Jesus that could give him what he wanted.

·   People desire a Jesus to bless, benefit – but He is a King.

Jesus response

·   Kingdom = call to submit to the will/authority of God.

·   Submission = a paradox = gives freedom!

·   Whatever / whoever submit to come under the authority.

·   Become like the character of the one you submit to.


John 5:9  -  Jesus was a submitted person.

E.g.      Submitted  to parents                                 - Luke 2:51-52

            Submitted to John the Baptist                   - Matthew 3:15

            Submitted to Government authority       - Matthew 22:21

·   Jesus confronted the spirit the was behind Peters statement.

·   Conflict between Kingdom God (submission/humility) and King Satan (pride/lawlessness)

·   Romans 13:1-2  -  “All must be under authority”.

·   Source of Authority = GOD

·   God delegated authority;

    = positional – church, home, government, world.

    = personal – men anointed thus relationships.

·   Our choice to position ourselves under authority.


E.G. Acts 9:44-15  -  Paul encountered direct authority – placed under delegates.