Positioning For Change

9 September 07



1.      Introduction:

·   Series “Under Cover” surfaces out attitudes to those in positions of authority everywhere.

·   As we become aware of negative attitudes and reactions we can choose to change.

·   Genesis 45:4-8  -  “It was not you who sent me here but God”.

·   Joseph resolved all the injustices:  unfair treatment by trust in God.

·   He saw that God turned the evil into opportunity and destiny.


2.      The House of Mercy:

John 5:1-5


a)     Great Multitude of Sick People – verse 3:

·         God is a God of mercy and compassion – willing to heal and restore.

·         Great multitudes of people suffer from sickness, abuse, broken relationships.

·         Blind – no sense of vision, purpose or direction.

·         Lame – unable to walk in the power and purpose of God.

·         Withered – unable to function properly – withdraw, turn inward.


b)     Abusive Relationships Destroy Lives:

·         News paper article:  “Patterns formed in first relationships (parents) determine all other relationships”.

·         Pattern     = an original model for copy or imitation.

                        = a plan to be followed in making other relationships.

·         Patterns formed in relating to parents – 1st authority figures become the plan that is followed in every other relationship.

·         Abuse      = wrongful use of something.

                        = to change the inherit purpose or function of something.

·         If we don’t know the purpose or the design of something  - will mistreat or damage.

·         E.G:           *  Alcoholic parent              * Over protective

*  Sexual abuse                    *  Angry

*  Absent parent                  *  Verbal abuse

*  Silent                                   *  Divorce

*  Manipulative                     *  Blended families

·         Children are impacted deeply by the emotional /  spiritual environment they are raised in – forms patterns for relating to others.

·         Pastor Mike’s personal example.





c)     How Patterns Form:

·         Experience = beliefs = patters and behavior.

·         Painful experiences       =  anger, distrust, fear, bitterness

=  wrong beliefs

= control people and circumstances to ‘feel 



3.  Freedom is a Choice:

·         John 5:5-7  -  “Do you want to be made whole?”.

·         Key issues that Jesus raised with this man!


a)     Freedom is a Choice:

·         John5: 6  -  “want” = to purpose, be resolved, determine in your mind.

·         Cannot change what others did – can change how we read.

·         Self pity keeps people locked into patterns of reaction.


b)     Excuses must be laid aside:

·         John 5:7  -  “I have no man”.

·         To be free is to stop blaming others, making excuses.

·         Excuses prolong victim mentality.

·         Must take responsibility for reactions to injustice.


c)     Put away Sinful Reaction:

·         John5:14  -  sign no more – the problem he had was covered by sin.

·         Psalm 18:30  -  “As for God, His way is perfect”.

·         Psalm 18: 32  -   “He makes my way perfect”.

·         Must decide whether to hold onto pain / reactions or to let go.

·         Revenge is sweet but destructive.

·         Romans 12:17,21  -  “Be not overcome by evil – overcome evil with good”.

·         Key:  Acknowledge pain, hurt and reaction.

·         Key:  Release forgiveness to offender.

·         Let go bitterness / resentment / judgment.


d)     Respond to God’s Word with Faith:

·         John 5:8  -  “Rise, take up your bed and walk”

·         Every word from God has power to transform us if we receive, believe and respond to it.

·         Bring the situation to God to empower you:

-  1 Thessalonians 5:18  -  “Everybody give thanks”

-  1 Timothy 4:14-15  -  “Thanksgiving allows God to use the situation for

    your good”.

·         Do what God say to do:

Matthew 5:44

Ephesians 6:2