Real Men

Fathers Day 07



1.      Introduction:

·   “Real” = Enthusiastic, genuine, not an imitation or ‘look alike’.

·   Nation needs “Real Men”.

·   John 14:8-10  -  Jesus represented fully what God the Father is like.


2.      Characteristics of Real Men:


i)    Carry and impart a dream for the next generation.

Matthew 9:35 – 10-1 


ii)       Protect their family from potential danger.

·   Mark 8:15  - Take heed, beware of the leaven of Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.


iii)     Place Family Life and Values ahead of Pursuit of money.

·   Luke 12:13-15 


iv)    Embrace the Role and Responsibility of Fatherhood wholeheartedly.

·   John 17:4-9


v)     Not afraid to Confront issues.

·         Matthew 20:24-27  -  “It shall not be so among you”.


vi)    Speak into the heart of his children.

·   John 1:41-42


         vii)  Believes the best when things go wrong.

·   John 20:12-15


   viii) Not ashamed to express love openly. 

·   John 11:35,   John 13:1-5,23


3.  Movie – ‘Blood Diamonds’ – Real Man – Real Father:

·         Son stolen away by rebel forces.

·         Son brainwashed – forget who he was, where he came from, destiny, did evil.

·         Father came looking for son.

·         Father reminded him of his destiny, roots.

·         Father unashamedly loved him back to life.

·         John 3:16  -  “God so loved the world…”