Fasting with Focus

  21 October 2007


1.      Introduction:

·   God has been speaking to the Church through Prophetic Ministry.

·   Growth of Bay City as a Body is determined by the decisions of individuals to grow.

·   Choice – Don’t stay at current level of confinement, limitations.

·   God wants to revisit places of personal defeat (Ai) so it can be redeemed.

·   Joshua 3:5  -  “Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you”.

-    You prepare for your future by choices you make today.

-    God’s purpose is to “do wonders among you”  -  depends on a individual response.

-    Wonders =  something beyond natural ability or limitations, extraordinary.

-    Sanctify = to separate, dedicate, make clean, devote to the service of the Lord.

-    Now is the time to prepare for increase and growth and enlargement in 2008.


2.      Fasting Prepares us for Enlargement:


a)     Fasting is a normal part of the walk with God:

·         Matthew 6:16-18  -  When you fast.

·         “When” not ‘if’  -  implies that fasting is normal in the Christian life.

·         Secret fasting is rewarded openly by God.

·         Fasting prepares and positions you for enlargement.


b)     Fasting lays the Foundations for Enlargement:

·         Luke 5:33-39  -  New wine must be put into new wineskins.

·         Jesus is talking about fasting.

·         New wine = fresh impartation of the supernatural life of the Holy Spirit.

·         Wineskins = the structure, container, lifestyle, ways of operating.

·         Wineskins get old and inflexible – it must be re-oiled or replaced.

·         Without an enlarging capacity, increase cannot be contained.

·         Resistance to change is normal – don’t be surprised.

·         What have you settled for? Where have you contained or limited God?

·         Change agents – Prayer, fasting, lifestyle changes.


3.  The Breakthroughs Fasting Brings:

·   Fasting needs to have a focus – a clear purpose!

·   Bible abounds in stories of people who experienced enlargement through fasting.

·   Fasting doesn’t make God more -  it positions us for a better future.



Examples of Supernatural Breakthroughs – Enlargement:


i)        Increase in Faith:

·   Matthew 17:19-21  -  “Why could we not cast it out?”  - your unbelief.

·   Some demonic spirits are not moved easily.

·   No limitations when there is faith – prayer and fasting raise faith level.

·   Prayer and fasting empowers us to overcome resistance.


ii)       Breakthrough Demonic Resistance:

·   Daniel 10:2-6  -  Daniel’s fast.

·   Daniel 10:12-13  -  Answer to prayer was immediate but delayed by spiritual resistance.

·   God always hears a prayer of faith and responds – sometimes spirits block the manifestation.

·   Prayer and fasting brings release of the supernatural.


iii)     Release of Power:

·   Luke 4:1  -  Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit into a season of prayer and fasting.

·   Luke 4:14  -  Jesus returned in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

·   Power was released in Jesus’ life through prayer and fasting.


iv)    Unlocking the Supernatural Realm:

·   Acts 10:30-31  -  “Four days ago I was fasting until this hour”.

·   Cornelius had an Angelic visitation – move of the Holy Spirit in household.

·   His prayer, fasting and giving i.e. lifestyle attracted God’s attention.

·   Acts 10:44-46  -  The Holy Spirit fell on all who heard the Word.


v)     Break Free of Limitations:

·   2 Chronicles 20:2-4  -  Jehosophat feared and sat himself to seek the Lord.

·   Jehosophat faced overwhelming circumstances (verse 2) that intimidated him.

·   Fear can paralyze, can quench the gifts and abilities God has given.

·   Prayer and fasting brought release of Rhema (verses 14-17) that overcome intimidation.


vi)    Direction for Family and Finances:

·   Ezra 8:21  -  “I’ll proclaim a fast….to seek a right way from Him for us and our little ones and all our possessions”.

·   The next generations needed clear direction and protection.

·   God delivered them and their families from demonic attachment (verse 31).




vii)  Increase Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit:

·   Luke 2:37-38  -  “Anna … served God with prayer and fasting day and night”.

·   Anna was a woman of God – prayer and fasting a lifestyle.

·   “Coming out at that instant”  -  supernatural timing.

·   Release the Prophetic Word concerning the purpose of God in her day.


4.   Action!  What will you do?:

·   Joshua 3:5  -  “Sanctify yourself – for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders”.


i)        Define a Purpose  -  Why?  What id the objective?  Make it clear.

ii)       Set a period time  -  How long?  Full or partial?

iii)     Strengthen your prayer and time in the Word of God.

iv)    Journal what the Holy Spirit shows you.

v)     Face the issues He exposes – grief?  Disappointment?  Offence?  Loss of dreams?  Sin?

vi)    Make lifestyle changes.

vii)  Expect God to move – reward.