Eternal Destiny – Part 2

How will you spend it?

  22 April 2007


1.      Introduction:

·   Two most important things to do:

i)        Secure your Eternal Destiny.

ii)       Discover and Fulfill God’s purpose in your life.

·   Ephesians 2:8-10  -  “For by grace have you been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God not our works”.

·   Note:

i)        Saved by faith alone – No Works         

      verse 8-9  -  Belief determines where eternity

ii)       Called – to works God purposed for your life

verse 10  -  Behaviour determines how eternity will be spend.


2.      Two Eternal Destinations:

i)        Jesus’ Teaching:  Two Destinations:

·   Matthew 25:46  -  Everlasting punishment – eternal life.

·   Jesus has given clear teaching that there are 2 eternal destinies – all will know this.

·   Within 5 minutes of death all will be clear!

·         Atheist will know there is a God.

·         Money can buy you nothing.

·         Jesus is the way – the Only way.

·         Too late to make a decision.

·         Discover sprit guides are rally deceiving demons.

·         Going to church, being “good” doesn’t save.

·         Believed would get another chance – now none.

·         Loved life without God – spend eternity without Him.


ii)       The Unbeliever will be in torment:

·   Luke 16:19-31  “…the rich man died and was buried and being in torment in Hades…”

·   Verse 24  -  “I am tormented in this flame”  -  he is totally aware of his existence and pain.

·   Verse 28  -  “This place of torment”  -  he is in a specific place – Hades.

·   The Rich man         -  was aware that he had not repented.

-  had no argument about why he was in that place of torment.

- made no attempt to request getting out of that place.

- must have faced judgment immediately after death – Hebrews 9:27.




iii)     The Believer will be in Heaven:

·   Luke 16:22  -  “…the beggar died and was carried by angels into ‘Abraham’s bosom’...”

·   Abraham is the Father of all believers – Galatians 3:6-9  -  only those of faith are sons of Abraham.

·   Abraham’s bosom – term used by Jews to describe paradise.

·   Hades – divided into 2 parts: Paradise and Place of torment.

·   Matthew 23:43  -  After Jesus’ death he went to Hades to Paradise – place of believers.

·   Ephesians 4:8-9  - Jesus descended into the lower regions – Hades and emptied paradise.

·   2 Corinthians 12:2-4  -  Paradise now is Heaven, 3rd Heaven where God dwells.

·   Matthew 27:52-53  -  After Jesus’ resurrection many of the saint seen – now in heaven.


iv)    The Believer is carried by Angels:

·   Luke 26:22  -  “…the beggar died and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom.

·   Lazarus did not have an elaborate funeral but had a great reception.

·   Carried by angels – ministering spirits – Hebrews 1:4.

·   As he exited his body angels escorted him into paradise.

·   Genesis 25:8,17  -  Abraham died …and was gathered to his people.

·   Job 27:19-22  -  The rich man will be down but not be gathered up.

·   Both Lazarus and the rich man must have faced a point of judgment.


v)     Why Lazarus was in Paradise:

·   Not because he was poor.

·   Exodus 30:14-15  -  The atonement money for the rich and the poor was exactly the same.

·   Ephesians 2:8-9  -  By grace – through faith – nothing to do with riches.

·   Lazarus = 2976 = God is my helper.

·   Bible names are prophetic of  peoples life, walk with God.

·   Jesus knew Lazarus by name – Lazarus not known on earth but known in heaven.

·   Can only claim to know someone if that person also knows you, acknowledges you.

·   Luke 13:22-28  -  He will answer and say to you, “I do not know you”.

·   Must know God personally – not just know about Him.

·   2 Timothy 2:19  -  “…the Lord knows those who are his and let everyone who names the Name of Christ depart from iniquity”.

·   Lazarus must have repented and believed.


vi)    Repentance and faith are essential for Salvation:

·   Luke 16:30  -  The rich man was aware in Hades of the need to repent!

·   Repent = Change in mind and heart and life towards sin.

·   There can be no reconciliation with God without repentance.

·   Luke 17:1-4  -  Forgiveness is conditional….IF you repent.

·   “Cheap grace”    => forgiven without repentance.

=> violates the justice of God.

=> pretends the offence is unimportant.

·   God does not separate the sin from the sinner – he holds the sinner responsible for his sin.

·   Acts 2:30  -  “…God …now commands all men everywhere to repent!”.

·   Acts 2:38  -  By grace (the power of God)  are you saved (from eternal torment) by faith (believing and entrusting your life to Jesus Christ).


3.  Not all will be the same in Heaven:


i)  God is a Just God:

·   Genesis 18:25  -  “…Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?”

·   God is a right and just Judge – he acknowledges what we have done.

·   God acknowledges not just that we know Him but how we have served Him!


ii)  All of us must give account to Christ:

·   Romans 14:10-12  -  So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.

·   All believers must stand before Christ – how have we served Christ on earth?

·   What Christ will examine is our works – have we fulfilled his purpose?


iii)  There are degrees of a Reward in Heaven:

·   Matthew 16:27  -  “…then he will reward each according to his works”.

·   Reward = misthos = wages, a recompense for work that has been done.

·   ‘Each’ – every person who has acknowledged Christ.

·   Eternal destruction – result of believing in Christ – there because of grace alone.

·   Eternal reward – result of how we served Christ – works we did!

·   There is a direct connection between how we will be in heaven and what we did on earth.

·   “What we do in time – echoes throughout eternity”.


iv)   Reward or Loss – For Eternity:

·   1 Corinthians 3:8-15  -  Each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor.

·   Every believer is called for a purpose – God has works for us to accomplish.

·   Jesus will evaluate our works – what sort they are, what value?

·   Consequence:  Reward – eternal compensation, abundant entrance!

        Loss – of opportunity and compensation – just made it!