Taming the Tongue – Part 2

4 November 07


1.      Introduction:

·   Joshua 3:5  -  “Sanctify yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you”.

·   Sanctify = to separate, make clean, set apart for divine purpose.

·   Wonders = things beyond natural ability, supernatural release of miracles.

·   People of God called to position themselves for increase of the Supernatural.

·   Joshua 6:10  -  “… no word proceed out of your mouth until the day I say to you ‘Shout!’”.

1st miracle of possessing Jericho required mastery of tongue.

1st sign of Holy Spirit filling in NT – Spoke in tongues – praised God.


2.      Your Words can Shape your Future:

·   Words we agree with in heart and words we speak create our future.

·   Psalm 34:11-13  -  “Who is man that loves life…keep your tongue from evil”.

·   Word pictures of tongue:  Gangrene, Rust, Snake Venom, Fire, Arrows, and Wounds.

·   Fear of the Lord that leads to life and prosperity seen in how we speak.

·   We cannot have a good life if we cannot control our tongue.

·   The words we speak either nurture or destroy relationships around us.

·   Proverbs 21:23  -  “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles”.

·   Proverbs 15:4  -  “A wholesome tongue is a tree of life – but perverseness with it breaks the spirit”.

Wholesome = healing -  the tongue has power to bring healing, encouragement.

Perverseness = distortion, crashed dealing – tongue has power to wound

                             and hurt.


3.      The Root of the Issues of the Heart

·   Proverbs 27:19  -  “As a water face reflects face so a mans heart reveals the man”.

-    Water act as a mirror that reveals what we look like.

-    What is in your heart reveals what kind of person you are.

-    The overflow of the heart is the mouth – your words reveal who you are.

·   Matthew 12:33-37  -  “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.

-    Abundance = to overflow with what fills the heart.

-    Treasure = things that you value, long for, hold onto, think on, store up.

-    Whatever your heart holds and values will overflow out through words.

-    Our words are so important that we are required to give account for them.

-    Our words give expression to the life within and create our future.

·   Proverbs 22:11  -  “He who loves purity of heart and has grace on his lips, the King will be his friend”.

-    Purity of heart overflows in grace – empowering words that strengthen and build.

-    Our relationship With Jesus – the King of Kings is impacted by our words.


4.      Diseases of the Tongue:

·         Note:  Problems in you body – Doctor looks at tongue (poor diet, infection)

i)        Lying:

·   Proverbs 6:16-19  -  These things the Lord hates – Lying tongue.

·   Lying = deliberately alters facts to misrepresent truth.

             =  withhold part of truth to create a false impression and deceive.

·   Example:  Genesis 20:1-12  -  Abraham lied about his wife Sarah – created false impression.

·   Heart issue:  Fear;  Hate (Proverbs 26:26-28);  Hidden motive.

·   Proverbs 12:27  -  “lying lips are an abolishment to the Lord”.

·   Jeremiah 9:6  -   “Through deceit they refuse to know me”.


ii)      Gossip /  Slander:

·   Psalm 15:1-3  -  “… does not backbite with tongue,…take up a reproach”.

·   Gossip = talk about someone else’s personal affairs.

-          As the story is shared it is ‘colored’ by the person’s attitude.

-          Those listening hear the words and pick up the heart attitude.

·   Slander = False and malicious statements about someone.

-  Words falsely spoken that misrepresent the person and damage their reputation or impart offence to the hearer.

·   Proverbs 11:13  -  “A talebearer reveals secrets but he who is of faithful spirit conceals a matter (doesn’t gossip or slander)”.

·   Proverbs 6:19  -  “Lord hates – false witness who speaks lies, and one who sows discord among brethren”.

·   ExampleNumbers 12:1-9  –  Miriam.

·   Heart issue:  Bitterness;  Pride;  Envy;  Rebellion

   Ephesians 4:25  -  “Putting away lying speech”. 

·   Proverbs 12:19  -  ‘lip of truth shall be established forever but the lying tongue is but for a moment”.


iii)     Flattery:

·   Proverbs 26:28  -  “a flattery mouth works ruin”.

·   Flattery = excessive or insincere praise – often with hidden agenda.

- Person showers positive compliments but with hidden motives: ask for favor;  obtain information.

·   Proverbs 29:5  -  “A man who flatters his neighbor spreads a net for his feet”.

·   2 Samuel 15-16  -  Absolom.

·   Heart issue:  seeking approval, seeking recognition, hidden agnda.

·   Isaiah 6:5-7  -  “Isaiah’s lips cleansed through confession and encounter with God => empowered to represent God.