Destiny and Purpose – Part 5

  04 March 2007


1.      Introduction:

·   Ephesians 2:8-10   -  “We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in”.

·   God is working on our lives to mature us so we can represent Him.

·   God has created us for a specific purpose – the reason we exist is to fulfill this.

·   God’s purpose was prepared / planned before we ever came into existence.

·   God’s purpose involves works – things we are called to do unique to us.

·   If you try to live without God – you will live without a purpose => abuse life.

·   Your purpose is unique to you – your personality, gifts, experiences, passion.

·   It is your responsibility to discover your purpose!


2.      God’s Purpose for Man

i)        Desire: What is the desire of your heat?

·   Psalm 37:4  -  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

·   Within you are a desire and a command to be fruitful.

·   Desire is a God-given force within us – it moves us to action.

·   Desires can be good – or bad.

·   Desire is not a whim, passing thought, fantasy, but a longing within.

·   “Delight yourself” => become pliable, soft, and vulnerable in the hands of God.

·   God places desires within – to create, speak, manage, build, and help.

·   What do you really want?


ii)       Passion:  What stirs passion within you?

·   John 2:17 – “The zeal of your house has eaten me up!”

·   Zeal = to boil, to be hot, to have strong feelings or passion in pursuing.

·   Passion is a fire, zeal, enthusiasm, excitement within.

·   Passion stirs us to action and energizes us.

·   When you do things you are passionate about you come alive with life.

·   Passion for children – passion for helping – passion for numbers etc.

·   What stirs you?              What do you love?          What energizes you?

   What do you hate?      What do you grieve over – want to act?

   What do you notice – feel concern about?

·   Romans 12:4-8  -  God gives grace to fulfill his purpose.


iii)  Flow:  What naturally flows out of you?

·   John 7:38-39  -  “…out of his belly flow rivers of living water”.

·   Flow = to pour out like a continuous stream – steadily and easily.

·   Fulfilling God’s purpose feels natural – feels right – just flows easily.

·   Don’t be complicated – what God designed you to do will “seem natural” to you.

·   God’s purpose is ‘natural’ – not spectacular – often not recognised, because too natural.

·   Fulfilling someone else’s purpose = burden, heavy, unnatural, stressful.

·   Romans 12:4-8  - “God gives grace to fulfill his purpose”.

·   Trying to be ‘someone else’ => stirring, lack of joy, burdensome.


iv)  Fruit:  What are you good at, productive at?

·   Matthew 12:33  -  “A tree is know by its fruit”.

·   Everything in nature has a unique DNA – inner instruction / commanded to bear fruit.

·   God expects us to be productive – He designed and commanded us to be productive.

·   Luke 13:6-9 - Parable of the Fig Tree;   Matthew 25 - Parable of Talents

·   What are you good at? Gifted at?  Get good results?

·   God has designed you to be good at something ….He planned success for you.

·   Your calling = specific thing you do in which God placed you to fulfill, purpose.


v)     Holy Spirit:  What ‘witness’ does the Holy Spirit put within you?

·   1 Corinthians 2:12  - “Now we have received …the Spirit who is from God that we might know the things which are freely given to us by God”.

·   God put His Spirit in us to guide and direct us – we must learn how to “hear”.

·   The Holy Spirit has many ways of communicating with us – you must position yourself to “hear”.

·   ‘Obedience’ increases sensitivity to the voice of God.

·   The Holy Spirit can be grieved or quenched by our words and actions.

·   The Voice of the Holy Spirit is a still small voice within us.

      1 Kings 19:12  - an inner ‘knowing’.

·    As we practice to listening to the Holy Spirit and obeying Him, we develop an ear for Him.

·   The Holy Spirit is given to lead us and to empower us to fulfill God’s purpose.


vi)    Inner Peace:  What brings inner peace?

·   Colossians 3:15  -  “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts”.

·   ‘Rule’  = to be umpire, to determine or direct. 

·   When we are doing what God called us to do, there is an inner peace.

·   It is a supernatural witness within you that you are ‘on course’ with destiny.

·   Philippians 4:6-7  -  “…and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds”.

·    Guard = to mount a guard, a watcher against destructive forces of fear, confusion.

·   People who are in inner turmoil have their energy and life drained out.

·   When you are fulfilling your purpose – there is an inner peace.


vii)  Dreams and Vision: What dreams keep stirring you?

·   Acts 2:17  - “The Holy Spirit will give dreams and visions – prophetic pictures”.

·   The Holy Spirit communicates with our spirit – plant a vision within us.

·   When God puts a vision / thought / idea within it won’t just go away.

·   Moses had thought of delivering 40 years before it happened

   – Acts 7:23-25.

·   Joseph had dreams of leadership 13 years before it happened

   – Genesis 37:6-11

·   Often people bury these seed ideas – doubt, fear, reasoning, complicates.

·   Thoughts and dreams in the heart may indicate God’s purpose for you.

·   Often the dreams of our heart are quenched by those nearest to us.

·   To discover purpose – we need to discover what is unique within us.


viii)  Godly Council:

·   Exodus 3:2-6   - “I have called by name Bezaleel”.

·   See = perceive, discover, examine.

·   God showed Moses the giftings in others that God had called.

·   God brings people to us to help us discover our purpose.

·   Our responsibility to build open relationships with people who can help us.

·   Proverbs 18:1  -  “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire”.

·   We are called to work together – not isolate – we need the input of others.

·   Isolation from good relationships mentally leads to independence / deception.

·   Psalm 1:1  -  “Choose carefully who gives you council and advise about the future.

·   Those you are closest to influence the direction your life is taking.

·   Proverbs 12:20  - “ You are becoming like your friends”



 Acts 20:24  - “None of these things move me, neither do I commit my life dear to myself that I may finish my course with joy and the ministry I have received of the Lord Jesus to testify of the grace of God”.


2 Timothy 4:7  -  “I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”.


·         Have you positioned yourself to discover the purpose God created for you?

·         Are you investing your life in the Purpose of God or are you wasting it?