Destiny and Purpose – Part 4

  25 February 2007


  1. Introduction:

·         Ecclesiastes 3:11-14   -  “He has put eternity in their heart”.

·         You are here for a reason, a purpose – that goes on into eternity.

·         Purpose = the reason for which something exists; the manufacturers original intent for making it.

·         God is your source – the designer – the giver of life.

·         He knows why he gave you personality, gifts, desires that make you unique.

·         Only God knows the purpose he called you into existence.

·         If you try to life your life without God you will live without purpose – meaning.

·         Life without purpose leads to abuse – abnormal use.

·         1 Corinthians 2:11-12  -  “no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God”.  God wants to reveal His thoughts, plans and purpose for your life.


  1. God’s Purpose for Man

Genesis 1:26-28  -  “let us make man in our image..”

God created the unique species – human beings for a purpose.


Verse 26

i)        To express God’s Image – reflect what He is like.

      He wants you to look like you and act like Him – to reflect Him.

ii)   To enjoy relationship with God – and with people.

      Genesis 3:8  -  “They heard the voice of God walking in the garden”.

      Genesis 2:18  -  “not good for man to be alone”.

      We are made for vital relationships – not to live alone / without God.

iii)  For Dominion.

·   He wants us to have dominion - to rule over things not people.

·   Without God we become dominated and controlled by things.


Verse 28

iv)  To be Fruitful – Productive.

·   You are made to be productive with the gifts, recourses, opportunities.

·   Your full potential can never be re-aligned without the revelation with God.

v)  To Reproduce – to impart into others values, attitudes, purpose.

·     Your words, actions, example impacts those around us.

·     We are called to impact the lives of those around us.






·   The release of your potential is already related to your willingness to discover, understand and submit to God’s purpose for your life.

·   Life without God – come under the control of people, sports, things, circumstances.

·   Life without God – potential is abused and the purpose unfulfilled.


3.  Keys to Discovering God’s Purpose:

·   Jeremiah 1:5  -  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you – sanctified you, I ordained you a prophet of nations”.

·   The Bible abounds with people who discovered their Purpose and Fulfillment.

·   Acts 13:22; Acts 13:36  -  David served his generation by the will (purpose) of God.

·   God has planned a purpose for you – there must be a way to discover.

·   It is your responsibility to discover God’s purpose embrace and fulfill it.

·   Keys:  - Connect with God

           - Take time to think and reflect on your life.


·         Key 1- What is the Desire of Your Heart?:

-    Psalm 37:4  -  “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”.

-    Within you is a desire and a command to be fruitful.

-    Desire is a God-given force within us – Desire can be good – or bad.

-    God knows our personality, gifts, passion – He uses those to causes us to desire experiences that offer fulfillment.

-    Desire is not a whim, passing thought (fantasy) but longing.

-    Desire is linked to destiny – What do you really want?


·         Key 2 – What is it that Stirs Your Passion?:

-  Passion is a zeal, fire, excitement that stirs and energizes you.

John 2:17  -  “The zeal of your house has eaten me up”.

-  Passion is an energizing force that causes us to come alive within!

-  E.G. Electronics, Children: business, serving-helping, details.

-  What are you passionate about?

   What do you love?  Hate?  Enthusiastic about?  Grieve over?

Romans 12:11  “fervent in spirit – serving the Lord”.  – What stirs you?


·         Key 3 – What Flows Naturally out of You?:

-    John 7:38-39  -  “…out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water”.

-    Fulfilling God’s purpose feels natural, feels right, it flows easily.

-    Don’t be complicated – what God designed you will do flow from you.

-    Seems “so natural” we think “that” is “me” – don’t realize it is purpose.

-    Often we don’t see the impact of what we do – “too natural”.

-    God’s purpose is “natural”, easy, not spectacular.

-    Romans 12:4-8  -  “… having gifts differing according to grace that is given to us!”.

-    God gives grace – an empowerment to fulfill his purpose.

-    Fulfilling someone else’s dream – burdens, heavy, unnatural, and stressful.

-    Trying to become like someone else – stirring, lack of peace, joy.

-    What God has designed you to do flows naturally.


·         Key 4 – What are You Good at?:

-    Matthew 12:33  -  A tree is known by it’s fruit.

-    Every person has a divine command – directive to be productive.

-    Fruitfulness – productivity is part of the DNA of God’s Kingdom.

-    God expects us to be productive – He designed and commanded it.

-    E.G.  Parable of the Fig tree – Luke 13:6-9.

-    E.g.  Parable of Talents – Matthew 25.

-    What are you good at?  Get results?  Gifted at?

-    God has designed you to be good at something – Planned Success.

-    Manage – family, finances, influence people, fruitful for life.

-    God is a God of Purpose – He has a purpose for you.



Matthew 16:27  -  Reward each according to his works – purpose has external   consequences.