Destiny and Purpose – Part 3

  11 February 2007


  1. Introduction:

·         Romans 8:28-29  -  “God is a God of destiny and purpose”.

·         Destiny = predetermined course of events leading to fulfillment of a plan.

·         Purpose = The reason for which something exists – why it was made.

·         Purpose always precedes design and creation – ignorant of purpose leads to abuse.

·         Purpose gives hope; focus, motivation, meaning for life.

·         Colossians 2:8  -  Human philosophy

= no purpose, no reason, no destiny.

= no absolutes – sex, drugs, homosexuality.

= no understanding of how designed, low esteem.

·         We are people of purpose and destiny – have eternity in our heart. Ecclesiastes 3:11

·         God has a plan for us – can communicate it to us – unfolds in steps.

Jeremiah 9:11


  1. The Creation and Commission of Man:

a)  Before man was created – God had a plan:

·         Matthew25:34  -  “…kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world”.

·         Kingdom = Government which has a king as absolute ruler.

                       = Realm or territory over which a king rules – His will is done.

·         Kingdom of God =

i)  Everlasting Kingdom  -  Psalm 145:13

ii)  Visible and Invisible   -  Psalm 103:19

iii)  Rles over Nations      -   Acts 17:26;  Daniel 4:17


b)  God’s purpose for man:

·         Genesis 1:26-28

·         “Make man”

  - New species to come into existence – different to all other species.

  - Species with spirit beings living in a body.

  - Able to dwell in physical and spirit world.

·         Why God Made Man:

i)        Express God’s image – express what God is like.

ii)       Enjoy relationship – connect intimately – father/son.

iii)     Dominion – rulership on the earth.

iv)    Bear fruit.

v)     Reproductive – family for God.

·         God’s decree – declaration, legally binding command.

=> “Man shall have dominion – rule over the earth as ambassadors”.

=> “Man shall act as ambassador and extend the Kingdom of God in the earth”.

c)  Adam lost the right to rule:

·         Adam declared independence from God.

·         Adam severed relationship with the King of Heaven.

·         Adam abandoned his position as Ambasador.

·         Adam lost (1) Relationship with the King  (2) Kingdom

·         Luke 4:5-7  -  The ruler became ruled over!

By:  Guilt, Fear, Shame, Loss of Purpose, Loss of Dominion, Pain, Frustration. 


3.  Jesus came to Restore Dominion:

a)   Jesus’ Massage – The Kingdom.  

·         Matthew 4:17  -  Repent – the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

·         Jesus came to restore  (1)  Relationship with the King   (2)  Kingdom


b)      Jesus Modeled Relationship:

·         John 14:8-10  -  “He that has seen me has seen the Father”.

·         John 6:38  -  “Come down from Heaven, not to down own will but the will of Him”.


c)  Jesus Modeled Dominion:

·         Matthew 4:23  -  “Healed the sick”.

·         Matthew 12:28  -  “Cast out demons”.

·         Modeled ruling – manifesting the life and power of heaven into the earth.

·         Dominion over nature, demons, sickness, death – servant King!

·         God’s plan and purpose is to conform us to become like Christ!


4.  The Gospel of the Kingdom:

a)     Gospel = Good news.

-          We can come hoe to our Heavenly Father.

-          We can become sons and daughters of God,  John 1:12

-          We can rule again – come into a place of dominion.

·         Philippians 3:20  - Our citizenship is in Heaven.

·         A Kingdom consists of a King with citizens of the Kingdom.

·         “Christian” was a derogatory term given to believers, followers of Christ.  (Name given by non-believers to believers).

-          Acts 11:26  -  Disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

-          Christian is not a label or a title – it is a lifestyle.

-          Too many Christians are just religious people.

·         Citizen = a person with privileges and regal rights.

·         We are called to be citizens, ambassadors, sons of God.

·         God wants Relationship and Rulership not Religion.


b)     God wants His sons to advance the Kingdom:

·         Luke 15:20-24  - Prodigal son.

·         God wants sons not servants – sons with a heart to serve.


·         “Robe”

=  That robe, that first or principle robe.

= long garment, sign of dignity reserved for a Special Occasion.

= Isaiah 61:10  - Robe of righteousness.

·         “Ring”

= a mark of wealth, dignity worn by the rich and those in public office.

= Gave a ring => mark favor, affection, confirming


·         E.g. Genesis 41:42  -  Pharaoh/Joseph

        Esther 8:2  -  King/Mordecai

                                Luke 11:12  -  by the finger of God cast out spirits.

                                Ephesians 1:13-14   -  Garment of the Holy Spirit given to us.

·         ‘Shoes’

-          captives shoes had been removed.

-          When restored to liberty – shoes were restored.

-          Ephesians 6:15  -  preparation of the Gospel => Ambassadors of Kingdom.

·         God wants us to change mentally – Kingdom Citizens.

·         Must recognise our relationship – rights and responsibilities.

·         Must embrace God’s purpose – family of sons advancing His Kingdom.