Destiny and Purpose

  28 January 2007


  1. Introduction:

·         The greatest tragedy in life is not death – but life without the sense of destiny and purpose.

·         Ecclesiastes 3:1,11  -  “He has put eternity in their hearts”.

·         No one wants to fail in life – there’s a struggle within every human being for “success”.

·         Ask people: What is your destiny?  What is you purpose?  - most can’t answer that.


  1. Defining Destiny and Purpose:

a)  Destiny:

·         Definition:  - A predetermined course of events.

  - Something for which a person is moving towards.

  - The power or force that determines the course of events.

·         Destiny provides meaning for our life:  Why am I here?  Where am I going?

·         Destiny is Not Luck:  A force that works for good or bad.

·         Destiny is Not Fate:  Greek mythology – 3 decrepit goddesses controlling life.

·         Romans 8:28-29  -  “Predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son”

-          Purpose:  intention; the setting forth of something in new or to arrange before hand with a reason.

-          Predestined:  to predetermine, decide before hand, to decree with eternity. 

·         Purpose and destiny cannot be understood unless you know the source = God.

-          Destined to become like Christ – Royalty!  -  He his King of a spiritual World.

-          Revelation 1:5-6  -  “…made us kings and priests unto our God”.


b)  Purpose:

·         Definition:  - The reason for which something exists or has been made.

                         - That something has been designed to accomplish.

·         The purpose always comes before the creation.

·         E.g. Electric jug: Purpose = to boil water – the jug designed for purpose.

·         Ephesians 2:10  -  Workmanship created in Christ Jesus.

·         “Before ordained” = 4282 = to prepare in advance, make ready beforehand.

·         Long before you were born God designed you for a purpose.

·         “Works” = activities that you are uniquely prepared to fulfill.



3.  Examples of Men of Destiny:

i)   Jeremiah1:5-7  -  Jeremiah  

·         God created and formed Jeremiah to fulfill a specific purpose.

·         God destined him to be a prophet and fulfill an assignment.

·         Before God formed Jeremiah – He knew him, He designed him for a purpose for his life.

·         “Formed” = 3335 = to squeeze into shape, to mould as a potter.

·         “Knew” = 5234 = to pay attention, to be acquainted with the details.

·         Psalm 139:16  -  “Your eyes saw my substance – being yet unformed”.

·         Before Jeremiah was born - he had a destiny and purpose prepared by God.

·         Purpose = assignment - a task or responsibility to fulfill in life.

·         Jeremiah was responsible:  (1) To connect with the source.

                                                      (2) Fulfill his purpose.


ii)  1 Kings 13:2  -  Josiah

·         1 Kings 13:2  -  “Man of God … Behold a child Josiah by name..”

·         2 Chronicles 34:1-3  -  “He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.

·         Josiah’s prophetic destiny pronounced 300+ years before.

·         Josiah’s purpose/destiny known by God in eternity.

·         Josiah chose (1) To connect with God  

                              (2) Discover his purpose

                              (3) Fulfill it.

·         He did not identify with natural family origin – family of Manasseh.

·         He identified with God the source of his destiny.


iii) 1 Peter 1:18-20 - Jesus

·         1 Peter 18-20  -  “….foreordained before the foundation of the world”.

·         Foreordained = 4267 = to have the knowledge of someone long before.

·         Long before creation God forplanned that Jesus Christ His Son would be manifest in the earth and die on the cross for the sins of man.

·         John 17:4  -  “I have finished the work you have given me to do”.

Jesus’ life fulfilled – He understood His destiny and His purpose.

John 13:3  -  Jesus knew His origin and destiny.

Luke 19:10  -  Jesus knew his life purpose.


4.  We have a Destiny and Purpose:

      Romans 8:28-29  -  “….called according to his purpose”.

·         God has a purpose for all men – to discover this we need to examine God’s original purpose for men in Genesis.

·         God has a specific purpose for your life.

·         You can never find fulfillment until you discover and do what God designed you to do.

·         The 1st step:  Connect with Go through faith in Christ – John 1:12