The Joseph Blessing                                                                   12 March 2006


1.  Introduction.


·         Biblical Blessing = words that correct spiritual impartation, spiritual life.

·         God speaks into our life – Rhema = word that carries spiritual impartation/life.

·         Luke 1:37.  No word from God shall be void of power.

·         Whatever God reveals to us – revelation – we are entitled to possess.

·         Often words from God are unfolding over the cause of your life.  (Ps 105:19)

·         Often the full implications are not seen immediately – they unfold over a period of time.

·         Personal word:  Gen 49:22-26.  Blessing of Joseph

·         Personal Word becomes part of the Corporate DNA of the church.


2. The Blessing of Joseph:  Gen 49:22-26

2.1 Identity

Gen 49:22.      Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well whose branches run over the wall.


Identity           = answers the question “who am I”

                        = don’t identify with the past, with present, with opinions of people.

                        = Must agree with what God says I am!

E.g. Jude 6:12.  The Lord is with you – you mighty man of velar.

                                                                              Equipping, Empowering

(1) Fruitful bough

- Fruitful = to bear fruit, to grow, to increase.

- Bough = 1129 = “Ben” a son, a builder of the house.

·         Branch of the tree carries the DNA to build, to produce fruit.

·         Must abide in revelation with Christ, His call on our life – connection

(2) “By a Well”                                        - Prophetic Spirit/Anointing

·         Well = 5869 = an eye, a fountain, sharp mental perception

·         Two pictures here; a well – a source of life that flows and refreshes

                                                      An eye – to see, have vision, percept

·         A prophetic anointing is over the church to hear and see

·         Prophetic – calls people near to God the source of life.

            (3) Branches run over the wall.                                            - Missions – send

·         Branches = daughter, villages                                     - Pioneer

·         Wall – that which surrounds, contains or limits          - Breakout

·         Picture of abundance, generosity, breaking out of containment.

·         Must maintain generous spirit that goes out continually.


2.2. Conflict

Gen 49:23.  The Archers have sorely grieved him, shot at him, and hated him.

                                                                              - Arrow = pierce, arrow that wounds.

Ps 64:3.  Bend bow to shoot arrows even bitter words.

                     (2) Attach by words, criticism, judgements.


2.3. Blessing to take hold of.

          i.            Bow – Godly Character

        ii.            Arms – Militant Spirit

      iii.            Heavens – Miracles – supernatural

      iv.            Deep – Spirit Life – flow of wine anointing

        v.            Womb – Soul winning

      vi.            Blessing of Father – Enlargement.