Spectator or Participator                                                               12/11/06


1.      Introduction:

Ephesians 2:8-10  -  “….created in Christ Jesus unto good works that we should walk in them…”.

·         Note the progression in these verses:

(i)      ‘Saved’  -  brought into covenant relationship by faith alone.

(ii)    ‘Workmanship’  -  something uniquely and individually made by God.

                                  -  a progressive creative work of art.

(iii)   ‘Good Works’  -  God saved us for a purpose – an eternal purpose.

·         Walk = to be occupied with….  – a lifestyle.

·         Good  => Excellent in everything.

                   => Beautiful because of the purity of heart and life.

                   => Confirming honour and value upon others.

                   => Free from any hidden agenda.

                   => Bringing help or advantage to others.

·         God has purposed that your life bring honour to Him – by Works.

·         Not saved by works – but created for a lifestyle of good work.

·         God expect you to participate with Him – Advancing the Kingdom.


2.      Spectator or Participator?:

·         Which kind of person are you?

·         Definition:

i)     Spectator – one who looks on as an observer of others.

ii)       Participate – one who shares / contributes with others in a common purpose or activities.




















i)        Discover his unique strengths and develop them.

ii)       Participate in the Mission of the Church to advance the Coming of Christ.


3.      Whom should I help?:


a)     Believers:

·   Galatians 6:10  - ‘Let us do good to all men – especially those who are of the household of faith’.

·   1st priority is the family of God.

·   Care for one another is a witness to the world.


b)     People in need:

·   James 4:17  - ‘to him that knows to do good and does it not – it is a sin’.  -  The ability to do good => responsibility to do it.

-  Help the poor / oppressed / troubled / distressed.

-  Finance the Gospel to the community – nations.


·   Proverbs 3:27  - ‘Withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of your hand to do it”.

Withhold = to hold back, refuse to participate, keep back.

·   Key:  must be lead by the promptings of the Holy Spirit – John 17:4 – by the principles of the Word.


c)     People unable to repay:

Luke 6:31-35

·         Purity of motive – no agenda.

i.e. Repaying good what someone else did.

i.e. Expecting to obtain benefit in the relationship.