1   Introduction…Mothers Day

 Eph 6: 2-3

 Honour = To Prize, to place value upon,

                  to hold in a place of value


 Mothers here today with very mixed emotions on Mothers Day



·         Married………with infants, toddlers, teens, grown,

·         Alone ………..Solo, abandoned, divorced, widowed

·         Empty Arms…Miscarriage, abortion, premature death


 Honour = a principle of the Kingdom of God that brings life

             = attitude that manifests in words and actions

             = a gift you can choose to give or withhold


One of History’s Great Mothers…Mary


2.      Mary The Person


2.1  A Very Ordinary Person

·         Mary was a very common name

·         She was a young Jewish girl- teenager

·         Probably from a poor family

·         Never preached

·         Never did a miracle


2.2  Very Human

·         Sorrowed over her missing child ( Lk 2:48 )

·         Pressured her son to help              ( Jn. 2:3)

·         Misunderstood her son’s calling    (Mk 3.21)

2.3  A Loving Mother

·         Not prominent in the NT Church

·         Built family life

·         Present at her sons death


2.4  Endured Hardships without Complaining

·         Embarrassment of her pregnancy

·         Misunderstood by her fiancée

·         Risk of death…Illegitimate child

·         Discomfort of birth conditions

·         Anxiety of being a refugee

·         Loneliness of being widowed

·         Pressures of a large family

·         Sorrow of her Son’s rejection and painful death as a criminal

3        Mary the Woman of Faith

·         Encountered the presence of God ( Lk1: 28/35 )

·         Believed what God said to her      ( Lk1: 48 )

·         Yielded her life to serve God         ( Lk1: 38 )

·         Acted on what God said                 ( Lk1: 38 )

Mary served Gods purpose for her life in her generation.

God can take an ordinary person and make their life special


God can take your life and make it special too.

Luke 11: 27

The PRESENCE of God makes your life special

The PURPOSE of God makes your life special


John 1:12

·         Receive Christ

·         Commit your life to serve and honour Him.

·         Discover God’s will for you and DO IT