Mission…saying ‘yes’ to God                     21 May 2006


1.  Introduction.

Today …our opportunity to partner in missions…. To make a commitment.

Every commitment involves a cost…so why make it?

Commitment must be connected with purpose or it is just another pull upon to respond.

As I prepared for today…Why Give?  How much should I give? Pondered Missions.

We do not engage in mission just because:

·         There is a need

·         I  know someone in Africa

·         It is a good idea

·         It is good for the Kingdom


We engage in Mission because it is who we are…It is our spiritual DNA

2.  The core of church dna

Matthew 16:15-19

Who do you say I am?  You are the Christ … the Son of the Living God.

There is a crisis in the World … The world needs a Saviour …an Anointed Saviour

Jesus … Saviour ….he will save his people from their sins.

The Living God is engaged in dealing with the crisis in the world.

He sent a personal representative … with a mission


Matthew 16:18 Upon this rock I will build my Church;


The Church is being built by the Son of God for His purpose…

 Habakkuk 2:14)

Why Mission? … Because that is the nature of the Church Jesus is building.

How we respond determines who we are …

The core of the Church DNA … extends the Kingdom of God in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

3.  every believer a missionary

John 17:18 – John 20:21-22

Missions          … People think of “needs”

                         … People think the focus is on meeting needs

                         … We must change our focus … What is God doing through me/us

Luke 6:35

What we do defines who we are

What we are reflects in all we do

We are Children of God … Called to live and act like Him

It is our DNA .. John 3:16 ‘for god so loved He GAVE … personal involvement





4.  Partnership

Philippians 4:5-20

Not Fellowship … Not friendship … Not asking for help or support

Partnership … working together to fulfil a common purpose with common vision and values

The focus of Partnership is Mission … of purpose fulfil

Uganda … 4 Problems to solve

How to solve Problems:

·         Equipping

·         Training/Impart

·         Sponsorship  (Children)

·         Investment

We are able to fulfil our Mission by Partnering with John Wanderas


POWERPOINT PRESENTATION … Partnering with Uganda