Make your life count                              1 May 2006


1.  Introduction.

Ecc3:11.  He has set eternity in their hearts.


2.  Purpose to make your life have eternal value

1 Corinthians 6:19-20.  You are not your own – glorify God.

-          Same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells within (Romans 8:11).

-          You are created by God and redeemed by God = you belong to Him

-          Not your own = not made for own independent life

-          Sin is rejecting God and rejecting his purpose and ways of living

-          Glorify = to honour, to exalt to a glorious rank, made famous

-          Called to make God famous – to live a life that pleases/honours him.

-          John 12:26.  If any man serves me – him will my Father honour.


3.  Position Yourself for God to work through you.

Romans 12:1.  Present your bodies a living sacrifice

                     = presenting yourself to God is a choice = position for blessing

                           = Present your entire person – all of you – no holding out.

= Sacrifice = offering, devoted to God out of gratitude = release all claim

                           = Strong, energetic, sacrificial serving God and advance His kingdom

                           = Dedicated to Christ and to His cause – Fire comes a Sacrifice

                                                                                             Eg David/Solomon, Gideon

(i)           Personal – in prayer day by day

(ii)         Corporate – connected in relationship in the church

(iii)       Daily – Consider all you do is to advance the Kingdom of God

Ø  Your work is your calling – you are a Kingdom ambassador

Ø  Your community are the people you pastor

Ø  Your lifestyle, words, attitudes, actions invade the atmosphere and impact the lives of those around you.


4.  Perceive What Kingdom is Shaping Your Life.

Romans 12:2.  “Be not conformed to this world”

E.g. TV, media, Adversity, attitudes, words

Eg Apathy, Poverty, Tall Poppy syndrome, Rejection


5.  Passionately Embrace Kingdom Values and Life

Romans 12:2.  Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

E.g.  Caterpillar to butterfly – hidden process


6.  Pursue Advancement of Gods Kingdom

Romans 12:2 – Prove what is that good, perfect, acceptable will of God

-          Healing, deliverance, joy, peace, abundance … etc.