Life with Purpose                                                                                  15/10/06


1.      Introduction:

Isaiah 9:7 – “of the increase of His government there shall be no end”.

·         Jesus was a revolutionary – He lived His life on earth for a cause, a purpose.

·         The greatest tragedy is a life without purpose – empty, no meaning.

·         You were created for a purpose – that purpose, linked to Christ and His cause.

·         Government = 4951 = empire, rule, dominion, government, it to prevail.

·         Increase = 4766 = to become greater, advance, multiply, add to.

·         God’s rule will increase and advance without limit;

1)      No stopping to the Kingdom of God advancing

2)      No stopping to God’s Word changing people, circumstances

3)      No stopping or limit to growth and advance

·         We can limit God working through us or enjoy life full of advance.


2.      God’s Spirit is Given for Mission / Purpose:

·         Acts 1:8 – “You shall receive power – be witness unto me – uttermost parts of the earth”.

·         God’s intention in giving the Holy Ghost – advance Hid kingdom, His cause.

·         Whenever the Church focuses on the personal experiences at the expense of mission, it dies.

·         Holy Spirit is an Apostolic Spirit – He commission people e.g. John 20:21-22

·         Acts 2:16-22 -  “in the last days I will pour out My Spirit”.

i)        Outpouring of the Holy Spirit – anointing and empowering.

ii)       Three generations impacted by the Holy Spirit – all are

-    children – adults – older adults

-    all are to participate in the outpouring and in purpose

iii)     Prophetic Spirit come on all generations

-    Prophecy – visions and dreams

-    Prophetic Spirit reveals Jesus.  Revelation 19:10

-    Purpose of anointing is to make Jesus known

iv)    Purpose of the outpouring is Evangelism

-    make Christ known

-    Advance His Kingdom – His Word obeyed.


NB:  Jesus approved by God → showoff, demonstrate, view expose to them full of faith, full of the Holy Spirit committed to a cause. 

         1 John 3:8;  Luke 19:10


3.      Jesus’ Death on the Cross => For a Purpose:

·         Luke 19:10 – “Come to seek and save which was lost.

·         Not called to comfort: - contribute, compassion, cause, and concern.

                                              - conflict (Matthew 11:12)

·         Christ didn’t die for us to have a cruisey life; fire insurance.

·         Christ didn’t die for us to have church, live an empty life.

·         Christ died for a purpose – advance the Will of God – 2 Peter 3:9 – “Not the will of God that any perish – all saved”.

·         Not called to be Passive – passion, purpose, priorities, participate.

·         E.g.  K.L. Doctor  – able to be a multimillionaire

-    choose to live for a purpose – helps the poor.

-    Love always moves to sacrifice.


4.      Jesus’ Death on the Cross => Call to a Cause:

·         Matthew 4:19 – “follow me – I will make you fishers of men”

·         Following  Christ – commitment to a person and a cause.

·         E.g. Movie – Terminator 3


(i)                  Robot programmed to kill humans – no heart, no care.  Captured and reprogrammed to save lives.  E.g. Ephesians 3:1 - Paul – prisoner of Lord – reprogrammed.


(ii)   “If you want to live, follow me”

       - requires a personal respond

       - John 8:12 – follow me – have the light of life


(iii)  “What if you fail in your mission?”

       - Life meaningless – no purpose

       - without a cause to life for we are empty

       - e.g. David – is there not a cause


(iv) “What is you Mission?”

       -  Robot infected with a virus

       -  Virus have caused it to have a person called, to save it

       -  Challenged . . what is your Mission?

       -  Inner conflict over commands => robot shuts down

       - rebooted operating system – focus on mission.  Revelation 3:19

·         Church Corp / individual must face challenge – What is your Mission?

·         E.g. Movie;  Mission Impossible - 

     (1) Choice! 

     (2) Must believe possible – Mark 10:27;  Mark 9:23