Let your light Shine                                                    18 June 2006


1.      Introduction:

Luke 10:1  “The Lord appointed 70 also and sent them out . . . every city and place”

·   These men were not Apostles – they were apostolic – penetrate new ground.

·   Sent = apostello =  apostolic commission.

·   The Last days message to the Church is apostolic – penetrate world – every city, every place.

·   Appointed = to upgrade, to lift to a different level of function, ability.

·   How did they get upgraded?       (1)  Word of God revelation.

                                                      (2)   Impartation of the anointing.

·   21st Century move of the holy Spirit       (1)  Word of God revelation

                                                                              (2)   Impartation of fresh anointing.

·   Parables – Matthew 24-25 – Parables of the Kingdom.


2.      Let Your Light Shine:

Matthew 25:1-13  Parable of the 5 Wise and 5 Foolish Virgins.

(a)    What is this parable about?

·   “Then” => at the end of the age.

·   “Kingdom” – parable concerning the Kingdom (Rule) of God.

·   This is a parable, a story with a message concerning the conduct of God’s people.

·   The story also contains a clear warning to believers.


(b)   Who are the Virgins?

·   (v2)  There were 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins.

·   Virgins = a person is unmarried, one who kept himself/herself from idolatry and uncleanness.

·   2 Corinthians 11:2  “I have espoused you to Christ – may present you as a chaste virgin.

·   Espoused = to join together.  1 Corinthians 6:17

·   The 10 virgins are believers – people who have made a personal response to Jesus.

·   Wise = thoughtful about their personal interests and future.

·   The actions of the virgins determined / revealed whether wise or foolish.

·   Foolish = moros = dull, unresponsive, stupid.


(c)    What are the Lamps?

·   Proverbs 20:27  The Spirit of man is the Lamp of the Lord.

·   The human spirit is like a lamp –can be ignited with the life of God.

·   Psalm 18:28  You will lighten my lamp – you will lighten my darkness.

·   A Person without Christ in their life is in spiritual darkness.

·   Their spirit functions but is cut off from the Life of God.

·   Receiving Christ => Fire from Heaven =. Spirit of man is ignited.

e.g.  Countenance of Ugandan Orphans.


(d)   What does it mean – “Light Shine”?

1)      Personal stand for Truth  John 5:35  =  “bright and shining light”

2)      Bold and Unashamed before man   Matthew 5:14-16  =  “let light so shine before men”

3)      Distinctive Godly Actions  Matthew 5:16  =  “good works”


3.      You need the Life of the Spirit of God:

a)      How does a Lamp function?

·   Lamp contained a wick which went down into the container of oil and soaked it up.

·   Lamp burned the oil flowing through the wick.

·   John 7:38  Out of your innermost being flow rivers of running water – Holy Spirit.

b)      What is the Oil?

·   Oil = Holy Spirit => The Anointing or Empowering of the Holy Spirit in believers.

·   Exodus 30:25 – Holy anointing Oil.

·   Hebrews 1:9  - Anointed with oil of gladness.

·   Mark 6:13  - Anointed with oil and healed.

·   1 Corinthians 12:7  - To every believer is given the supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

·   All believers are responsible

(i)     To trim lamp => deal with areas of life that defiled.

(ii)   To keep lamp full => to maintain the life flow of the Holy Spirit.


4.      How to Increase the Anointing in Life?

·   Matthew 25:8-9  Give us of your oil! – No – Go to those that sell and buy.

·   Parable seems to be very unkind! – not Christian.


a)      Why do we have to buy?

·   V8 – The virgins request – “Give us of your oil”

·   Give => to impart to someone, free of any personal cost.

·   Buy => to trade, give something in exchange, and pay a personal price.

·   There is a personal cost to having an abundance of life of the Holy Spirit.

·   No one can pay the price for you!  Proverbs 21:20 – “in the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil” (NIV)

b)      Who are those who sell?

·   Those that sell are those in a position of fullness able so supply.

·   Supplier of oil:  (i)  God Himself – John 14:26

                           (ii)  5-Fold ministry – Ephesians 4:7-12 / Acts 4:33

·   The 5-Fold Ministries are grace gifts to the Body of Christ => impart grace.

·   Apostolic imparts grace to empower the Church outward to fulfill command.

c)      How do you buy the oil?

·   Must pay the price – costs you something.

(i)   Time in the Presence of God    Hebrew 4:16       - boldly to the throne of grace.

(ii)  Intimacy with God                 2 Peter 1:2                        - grace, multiplied through


(iii)  Surrender to the Purpose                   John 4:32:34 

        of God                                     1 Peter 5:5

(iv)  Partnership with 5-Fold         Philippians 4:7     - partition of my grace.

                                                    1 Corinthians 15:10  - am what I am by grace.

(v)   Impartation from 5-Fold                    Acts 8:17               - laid hands.

                                                     Romans 1:11        - impart some spiritual gifts.


·   Those that were ready => entered.

·   Those that were not => door of opportunity closed – never knew (no intimate relationship)

·   Watch – Pray.