Father’s day Service 2006


1.      Introduction:   

·   People present here today = Grandfathers; Fathers; Potential Fathers.

·   All are someone’s son or daughter – all have a father who impacted their life.

·   Wonderful Fathers: Loving, Provider, Related, Corrected, Direct you.

·   Failed Fathers:  Abandoned’ betrayed, abuse, neglected responsibility.


  1. Principle of Honour:

Ephesians 6:2 – “Honour you father and mother” (which is the first commandment with promise)

·   Promise:       (i) Progress and Success in Life / Relationships.

                               (ii) Physical Health / Longevity.

·   TLB = “a long life full of blessing”.

·   Honour = to prize, fix a value upon, esteem, value.

š  Revealed in words; personal connection; listening to advice; attitude.

·   Dishonour = to teat lightly; like water vapour; despise; give no place to.

š  Revealed in words, attitudes, response.

·   Honour = Biblical principle for success in life.

š  Choose whether to honour and receive benefits of a good choice.

š  Based on    (i)      Position – Identity and role of father as giver of life.

(ii)          Character – Who he is, how constructs life.

(iii)         Achievement – what he did as father and man.

·   Key principle: Honour and value the source -  where life came from.


  1. What if a Father failed?:


·   We are not responsible for the actions of – only our own!

·   Failure of fathers have great impact – don’t be defiled by it.

·   God is intergenerational – blessings and curses are integrated.


E.g.  Esau – Genesis 27:34

- Esau was deeply impacted by loss of his Father’s blessing.

- He had a choice how the respond when he felt cheated.

- Esau became bitter

- Deadly ‘D’s when fathers fail – You Choose!

   * Detached    * Driven    * Dependant    * Dominating    * Desperate


            E.g.  Josiah  - 2 Kings 22:1-3  - “walked in the ways of his father David”

·   Natural Father was Manasseh – he was a wicked man – occults, child sacrifice, evil.

·   Josiah made choices:

1)      Refused to become bitter.

2)      Found refuge in God – who is Father and Comforter.

3)      Identified with a Godly man – King David.  (300 before Josiah was born)

4)      Pursued the Presence of God.

5)      Followed the Lifestyle / Example of David.




 4.  All Can Access a Father’s Blessing in Christ:

·   Luke 3:21-27  “the Holy Ghost descended – a voice from heaven”

·   Father’s blessing:

1)  Personal Touch            - Luke 3:22     – Holy Spirit descended – and removed

2)  Spoken Words              - John 17:8     – The words you gave me…

3)  Expressive of Value     - Luke 3:22     – My beloved; well pleased of..

4)  Prophetic Destiny        - John 5:2       – Father loves and show son, John 17:4

5)  Commitment                - John 16:32   – “not alone, the Father is with me”


·   Jesus walked in the blessing of God the Father.

·   Jesus modelled what a man can do whose life is committed to God and filled with the Holy Spirit.

·   Jesus made it clear – this blessing id for us also.

John 17:26  “..that the love wherewith you have loved me may be in them”.


How Can This Happen?


1)  Receive Christ – Commit your life to Him                                                       - John 1:12

2)  Release the failures / disappointments                                               -  Mark 11:25

3)  Realign your life to walk in the obedience to the Word of God.     - John 14:21-23