Healing The Wounded Spirit

Part 2

1.      Introduction:

Proverbs 15:13  - “By sorrow of heart the spirit is broken”

·   The spirit of man can be broken – 5218 – wounded, damaged, driven back.

·   When the spirit of a man is damaged, his whole life is impacted.


a)    1 Thessalonians 5:23  -  The Nature of Man

i)        Body  =>  The visible physical expression of the inner man

ii)       Soul    =>  The soul fills the body – it has the shape, size and form and looks like  me.

                 =>  The mind, will, emotions fill the body – they are part of the soul.

iii)     Spirit   =>  The spirit fills the soul and body and gives life to them.

                 =>  The spirit originates from God – has a spirit nature – not confined to the body.


b)    Functions of the Spirit

i)                    Bare life to the body and soul.   James 2:26

ii)                   Nourish and support the body and soul.  Romans 18:14

iii)                 To connect and communicate with God.  1 Corinthians 6:17 – to bond in intimacy.

iv)                To connect and impact natural and spirit realm around us.                          2 Corinthians 5:16

          e.g.  1st Manifestation is in your countenancePsalm 34:5;  Exodus 34:29

        When people are full of life there is a spiritual “brightness” on their face.

          e.g.   2nd Manifestation is in the atmosphere around you.

                    -  People try to sneak up on you – you ‘feel’ them.

                    -  People stare at you – you “feel” their presence.

                    -  The area around you is owned - - “my Space”

                    -  The ‘atmosphere’ around is impacted

                        e.g. angry;  calm;  self-pity;  joy;  sexual vibes 

          e.g.   3rd Manifestation is in the ability to move in the spirit realm.  Colossians 2:5 

        -  Spirit of man can enter haven, travel, see.


NB: When the spirit of man is wounded both body and soul are impacted.      Proverbs 17:22  - “mercy heart - - broken spirit dries the bones.

         Premature aging;  vulnerable to sickness.


  1. How the Human Spirit is Wounded:

Proverbs 15:13  -  “by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken”


i)        Abandonment – when key people abandon us the spirit is wounded.

Psalm 142:4  - No man would know me, refuge failed me, no man cared for my soul”

-    Children abandoned by parents.

-    Husband abandons wife for another.

-    Parent dies prematurely.

-    Child separated from parent at birth – sickness, adoption.


ii)       Abuse – when people who should protect instead of mistreat.

-  Abusive Words                        Psalm 69:20

-  Physical            Abuse           Ephesians 6:4

-  Sexual Abuse              2 Samuel 13:20

-  Mental Abuse             Proverbs 18:21 – sickness, neglect, threats.


iii)     Betrayal – when people who we trusted betray us the wound is deep.

Psalm 41:9  “It was my own familiar friend in whom I trusted”

-    Betrayal can only occur between close relationships where trust exists.

-    Adultery is betrayal.  Malachi 2:15-16

-    Betraying confidences, exposing secrets, speaking against behind your back.


iv)    Rejection – when key people in life reject us the spirit is wounded.

- Unwanted child, untimely pregnancy, rejection by peers, broken relationship


v)     Sin – Sin produces sorrow and can wound the spirit.

-    Psalm 51:3  - ‘my sin is ever before me’

-    Proverbs 6:32  - ‘he that commits adultery destroys own soul, a wound …’


vi)    Trauma – Tragic events can deeply wound the spirit.

E.g.  Accidents, fires, floods, natural disasters.

- John 9:3  - ‘not all bad things are the cause of personal sin’


  1. Symptoms of the Wounded Spirit:

(1)  Sensitivity – “Touchy”

·   Like the person is bleeding inside.

·   No resilience – can’t bounce back.

·   Easily re-injured by small things.

·   Hurt and ache within never seem to heal properly.


(2) Constant Grief and Sorrow

·   Constantly unhappy.

·   Like a black cloud that lingers.

·   Not impacted by others joy.

·   “Gloomy” – Frequently sick.

(3)  Inability to Trust

·   Trust is the bridge in relationships.

·   Trust is fragile.

·   When trust fails, the bridge fails.

(4)  Hopelessnesslessness

·   No anticipation that things will get better.

·   No way of escape.

·Doesn’t recognise there’s hope in God.

(5)  p; Agreement with Death

·   Hoping for death – release.

·   Constantly thinking that the world will be better without me.

·   Death-wish attracts spirits.


(6)  Isolated and Disconnected

·   No maturation – passive.

·   Withdraw and isolate so not hurt.

·   Constant sense of loneliness.

We were designed by God for relationship – connection to God.

Isolation – detachment is a malfunction – relational trust.n – detachment is a malfunction – relational trust.

Deep inner part longs to connect to the Lord for love for life.  


4.  Comfort and Control:


a)     God wants to Comfort:

2 Thessalonians 2:16-17  -  “He who has loved us and has given us everlasting comfort and good hope through grace”

·   God desire to give us both comfort and hope.

·   Can refuse to be comforted by God or turn to Him.

·   Where do you turn?

·   How do you respond?


b)     False Comfort are Idols:

·   Comfort = to relieve the pain, refresh one-self.

                      To call alongside for help, relief, strength.


False Comfort:

·   People, things, and activities we attract to relieve pain.

·   Quick fix  –  short temporary relief – don’t address issue.

·   Promise relief increase pain and emptiness.

·   Substitute for the comfort God offers.

·   Idols – control and damage our life and relationships.

·   Addictive – become a destructive habit – attachment.

·   Open the doors for control by evil spirits.



(1)  Revenge – retaliation         - Genesis 27:42

(2)  Sexual Sin                              - Proverbs 7:18

(3)  Food                                      - Exodus 32:6

(4)  Alcohol / Drugs                   - Proverbs 23:29-33

(5)  Fantasy                                  - Ezekiel 8:12 – TV, Books, Computer Games,

                                                               Day Dream, Text

       (6)  Control                                  - Deny the problem and suppress it

                                                            -  Distractions – fill life with busyness


c)    Can those bones live?


Ezekiel 37

                     Verse 1-2  -  Valley – full of bones – very many, very dry.

                     Verse 11   -  Bones dry – hope is lost.

                     Verse 3-4  -   Prophesy – breath comes into them. (Verse 10)


Need to repent of idols and turn to the Living God.