“2007 Give Me This Mountain”                                                 31/12/06


1.      Introduction:

·         John 10:10 -  “I have come that you might have life and that might have it in abundance”

·         The life that Jesus speaks about is spiritual life and vitality and of relationship with God.

·         “more abundantly” = over and above, surpassing, beyond measure, extraordinary.

·         Every year is an opportunity for more – not to settle or rest.

·         Key passage: Joshua 14:6-15 – Prophetic for 2007


2.      2007 New Year

i)        Year of Change – verse 6a

·         Gilgal = To roll away the reproach of the past – Joshua 5:9

·         Gilgal = Place of the end of a season of defeat and entry into victory.

  =  Place of ending cycles of bondage and defeat.

  =  Place of circumcision – painful process of covenant keeping.

  =  Place of purifying motives, attitudes.

·         Season of change so that we could fulfill the call and purpose of God.

·         Matthew 4:17  -  Repent => Change so that you can possess the blessings of the Kingdom.

·         All advances require change – a painful process – keep vision on the benefits.


ii)       Year of Overcoming Mentality – verse 6a

·         Caleb = forcible, assertive, one who goes on the attack.

·         Not the time to be passive – helpless – poor me – What can I do?

·         Must shake of passivity and irresponsibility – this is your life.

·         Need “can do” mentality – if God’s with us we can do it.

·         Numbers 3:30  -  Caleb silenced the people …let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able.

·         Need to silence negative thoughts – renew how we see self, and how we see life.

·         Philippians 4:13  - “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

·         Strengthen = 1743 = endunamoo = to increase strength, empower supernaturally.

·         “Can do” = to have strength to overcome.

·         Note:  Son of Jephunneh – “he will turn, change and prepare”.


iii)     Year of Prophetic Revelation/Dreams – verse 6b

·         ‘The Lord said’ – Caleb carried a dream for 40 years in his heart.

·         God speaks to us concerning our character and His purpose.

·         Dare to dream – see possibilities – great things.

·         Position yourself to hear things God have prepared for you.

·         Jeremiah 29:11 – I know the thoughts I have for you and it is good.

·         Failure is in the dreams you have – enlarge your dream.

·         Acts 2:17  -  In the Last days I’ll pour out My Spirit – prophecy, vision, dreams.

·         God wants to release revelation to those hungry for His presence.


iv)    Year for Strong Faith – verse 7

·         “Word that was in my heart”

·         Faith is the key that releases God’s blessings into our life.

·         Saved by believing – responding to what God has spoken to the heart.

·         Hebrews 11:6  - without faith it is impossible to please God.

·         Faith is an “Inner knowing” – confidence that comes from ‘hearing God’.

·         Faith grows as we meditate on the Word of God.

·         Faith speaks – must agree with what God says – speak.

·         E.G.   Luke 5:5  - Peter                   - At your word

                         Acts 27:23-25 - Paul             - I believe

                         John 2:5 - Mary                    - Whatever He says to do


v)      Year for Discipleship/Growth – verse 9

·         “Your inheritance for you and your children” – our words, attitude, actions shapes the next generation.

·         Don’t live for self – live for God’s purpose – leave a legacy.

·         Discipleship = training in character/attitude/lifestyle -> productive.

·         Can’t be a disciple unless you are teachable – willing to learn and to change.

·         Disciples:     John 8:3         Word of God

John 13:35     Love for people

John 12:22     Serving heart

·         Invest in your own personal development – input/shaping.

·         Invest in developing someone else.

·         Matthew 28:19


vi)    How will you Respond?

·         Maintain = spiritual Kingdom that resists – contained giants, challenge.

·         Mountain is an inheritance for those who will accept the challenge.

·         Don’t live in the past, embrace fresh challenges.

·         Mark 6:34-38  - You have them to eat! – Out of the comfort zone.

·         Called to stretch out to those in need – use what you have – heaven.

·         Caleb could have settled – but burned with faith, vision and strength.


vii)  Year of Conflict and Blessing:

·         Joshua blessed him – faith releases God’s blessing and favor.

·         Caleb entered a season of conflict – fired by vision and the favor of God – 2 Corinthians 2:14 – always comes into triumph.

·         Always conflict over advance.

·         2007 – Year of Advance – marriage, family, finance, miracles, breakthrough.