Encounter and Mission

Part 2

1.      Introduction:


·         Acts 10:38  -  Example of Jesus

·         “Anointed with the Holy Ghost and Power”.

·         “Went about doing good”.

·         Encounter = To meet suddenly, to meet face to face, to meet for conflict.

·         Mission     = To send or delegate a duty or responsibility to fulfil.

                        =  To send someone out as a representative for a purpose.

·         All the Bible encounters of people with God were to bring about God’s purpose – to send someone as His representative.

·         Anointing of the Holy Spirit is to do good.

·         Everyone contributes – everyone participates, everyone serves.

·          No observers – all called to Mission – personal – individual – corporate – together.


  1. Example of Israel:


a)  Israel heard the Gospel:

Hebrews 4:2 – Gospel preached to them as to us.

·         Frustrated God’s purpose in their day.

·         Failed to receive al that God intended.

·         Failed in embracing God’s Purpose/ Mission.

·         God raised up a “New Generation” – Joshua Generation.

·         New Generations – Not Age – Living for a cause.


            b)  The Gospel Israel Heard:

Exodus 6:6-8


i)        Salvation Experience:

      Verse 6 – “I will bring you out from the burdens of the Egyptians”.

·         “Burdens” – Forced labour, compulsory service, slave labour.

·         Save = Sozo = save, deliver, protect, rescue, make whole.

·         Save = rescue from Sin

                = rescue from Sickness

                = rescue from Demonic Oppression

                = rescue from Poverty and Lack

·         Matthew 1:21 - “…..you shall call His name Jesus for He will save His people from their sins”.


ii)       Encounter Experience:

                        Verse 7 – “I will take you to me for a people and I will be to you a God”

·         God called Israel to encounter Him personally – intimacy.

·         Daily encounter with God – cloud and fire.

·         Special encounter experienced Glory of God.  (Exodus 19:20)

·         Intimacy with God expresses who we are – motives, character.

·         Israel ran from the intimacy of God.  (Exodus 20:18)




iii)     Mission – Engaging in Mission:

      Verse 8  -  “I will bring you into the land”.

·         God’s purpose for Israel was to conquer the Land of Promise.

·         Assignment from God – “Go – subdue and take dominion”.

·         Face giants, walls, difficulties and prevail.

·         Mission is corporate – all are involved together.

Mission is personal – all involved individually.


  1. Every Believer has an Assignment from God:

Acts 1:8  - “you shall receive power…you shall be witness to Me”.


·         No person is exempt from the call to Engage in Mission.

·         Mission – send as a representative with a purpose to fulfil.

·         Witness = “Martus” = martyr.

                    =  Cost time, effort, energy to reach people.

·         Lost people matter to God – they must matter to us.

·         Initiate Connection – enter their world.

·         Shoe Kindness – serve, do good.

·         Include – welcome to your world.

·         Connect to other – enlarge their world.

·         Seize opportunities to share the Good News.

·         E.g. Church events:       - Sunday

                                                - Family Day

                                                - Christmas

                                                - Easter


Matthew 28:18-20 – GO – Disciple the Nations!