Encounter and Mission                                                                     15/10/06


1.      Introduction:

Acts 26:9-18 – Paul’s Encounter with Jesus Christ.

·         Paul totally opposed to Christians – persecuted, tortured, murdered them.

·         Paul experienced an encounter with Jesus Christ – Jesus identified himself with the Church.

·         Encounter -> Revelation => transformation ->Mission.

·         v16 – “I have appeared to you for this purpose to make you … now I send you”.

·         Encounter without Mission => No Purpose – Self indulged.

·         Mission without Encounter => No Power => Frustration

1)      Encounter led to Revelation.

2)      Revelation led to Transformation.

*  Minister = 5257 = underearsman in galley.

*  Witness = 3144 = person with 1st hand experience / martyr.

3)      Transformation led to Mission – I will send you.

* Send = 649 = apostello = to send out on mission.

·         Bible Examples:  Encounter => Mission

1)  Joshua      2)  Gideon     3)   David       4)  Solomon   5)  Mary

All encounters were to bring about god’s purpose -  send someone.


2.      Israel – Encounter was for Mission:

·         Exodus 6:6-8 – “.. I will bring you into the land”.

·         Note the progression:

i)     v6 – ‘I will bring you out (of Egypt) – salvation experience.

      - God’s first step to save man out of oppression and bondage.

ii)    v7 – ‘I will take you to me, for a people’

      - God brings them into an encounter experience with Himself.

      - Purpose of encounter – intimacy, identity – people of God.

iii)     v8 - ‘I will bring you into the land’

-  God declares His purpose in all this – Mission.

-  Israel called to external Kingdom of God – invade Canaan.

-  Israel = picture prophetic of the church: Encounter => Mission


NB:  Encounter = To meet suddenly

                              To meet face to face

                              To meet your conflict


3.      Moses -  Encounter was for Mission:


a)     God Ignites Burning Bushes to get our attention:

·   Exodus 3:2  - The angel of the Lord appeared in a flame of fire.

·   Super natural manifestation – bush burned – not consumed.

·   God ignites people – bring them into our life.  John 5:35

·   God gets our attention through people circumstances.

·   God wants your attention! –Are you too busy to hear?

·   What is God using to get your attention? –people?,- leaders?,                   -conflicts?, - problems?, - pressure?, - all of the above?.


b)     Encounter with God involves Choice:

·   Exodus 3:3 – “Moses send I will turn aside and see”

·   Turn aside => stop what you are doing, see what God is doing.

·   Don’t be too busy to turn aside – enquire of the Lord – seek His presence.

·   v4 - Lord saw that he was hungry – Huger for God got his attention.

·   The Lord spoke to him – also wants to speak to you – call your name.


c)     Encounter with God brings Change:

i)    Aware of God’s Holiness (v5)

Presence of God reveals our faults, sin – don’t withdraw, hide.  God still wants you to come near – Power works best in a pure vessel.


ii)       Aware of Who God is (v6)

·   God is an intergenerational God – impacted people in every generation!

·   God who created heaven and earth – are all things possible.


iii)     Aware of God’s Heart for people (v7)

·   I have seen, heard – know sorrows.

·   God loves people; He desires to set them free.

·   God chooses to get involved – through a person – you.


- Jesus came unto the earth to reveal what God is like.

- Now, it is your turn to reveal what God is like.


d)  Encounter with God leads to Mission:

v 10 – I will send you!!

·         Throughout history – God encounters then sends.

·         You are God’s answer to someone’s need.

·         God’s purpose is to send you – ambassador – an assignment.

·         God’s purpose is to send us – ambassador – an assignment.




Acts 4:31  - Encounter;   Acts 5:14 – Multitudes added