The Joseph Blessing Pt 2

Discussion Questions


Before we can fulfill our God-given assignment we must be prepared, shaped and matured in character. God arranges a maturity process for each one of us.


1.                  What does this maturity process involve?

Containment (prison)

Misunderstanding (All)

Bitter criticism (Brothers)

Betrayal (Brothers)

False Accusation (Potiphar’s wife)

Ingratitude (Brother)


1 Peter 2: 19-24

1 Peter 5: 6


2.                  What trials, difficulties or pressures are you currently facing?


3.                  Can you identify what God is doing in you through them?


4.                  How is God using the difficulties to purify and shape you?


5.                  How are you responding to what God is doing?


Within the next week, find someone that you can be accountable to regarding these issues.